Celenne and Melissa

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How We Met

Lenny and I met on tinder! We went on our first dinner/drinks date and at the end of the night around 11pm, she said she rated the date 10/10. When she asked what I rated it, I said an 8. She looked shocked and asked why and I said it was because I was hungry and she forgot to feed me! I’ve never let her live that down. She made up for it on date 2 with a beautiful home-cooked meal.

How They Asked

We had just come out of lockdown and were planning a night of dinner and drinks in the city with our closest friends! Celenne booked us a beautiful hotel (which I later discovered was much more expensive than I first thought) and we planned to meet friends at 7 pm. We arrived and immediately I knew someone was up, Celenne was shaking like a leaf! We approached the beautiful setup and I started crying straight away. I was blown away by the beauty and the effort put in.

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Special Thanks

My Proposal Co.
 | Planning
My Proposal Co.
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Kyle Ingram Photography
 | Photographer