Ceara and Brittany

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How We Met

Brittany and I were actually childhood friends. The two of us, plus one other friend, were inseparable, but right around 1999, my family decided to move to Naples, FL and I didn’t see her ever again. Fast forward to 2012, I’m living back in my hometown and performing in a cover band to make some extra cash. A girl with red hair comes in with some mutual friends of mine and we start talking. At first, I initially thought she hated me or thought that I was annoying, but every time she’d come out to one of our shows, she’d say hi to me. Then after a show on St. Patrick’s Day, she sits down next to me and starts talking and we start bonding. She says we should hang out, I give her my number, and we don’t stop texting for weeks. It was great because I didn’t have many friends in town and she knew a lot of people close to my age, so I was making friends with the people she was friends with. For the next six months, she and I had the most intense friendship. We did everything together from getting tattooed to staying up until five in the morning to watch movies. I started to develop a crush on her, but I wasn’t sure if she was into girls or not.

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She came out to me after a night out at one of the gay clubs that we used to frequent and I was secretly cheering, but I didn’t want to force myself on her and assume that just because she liked girls that she liked me. Eventually, after finding out that we were childhood best friends in an emotional night, we both realized that it had to be fate that we reconnected and admitted our feelings one late night after a show. She asked me out on our first date and stole my heart. She showed up with flowers, took me to see the Conjuring (I’m a horror movie junkie), we had tacos and margaritas, and played mini golf and laser tag afterwards. It was pretty much in that moment that I realized that my best kindergarten friend was the one I had been looking for my whole life. We’ve been together for four years in August and it’s been the most eye-opening and life-changing four years I’ve ever had. I never imagined that my longest relationship would be my last one ever, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

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How They Asked

My family and I had been planning on going to Florida Supercon for months. We’re all pretty geeky and we definitely love Star Wars. Brittany is not a big Star Wars fan, but she has sat through the Force Awakens with me a few times and totally gets my crazy obsession with the films. I had planned to cosplay as Rey for one of the days, but when the wig I had bought last minute didn’t fit and kept falling off my head, I decided to scrap the entire thing. Brittany, however, was adamant on me wearing the costume. She kept begging me to wear it on Saturday, though I didn’t know why. On Friday night, my brother mentioned that we might not be able to come back to the convention on Sunday because my mom didn’t have a ticket and we had all bought so many expensive collector’s items that we didn’t want to leave sitting in a car, so I told Brittany I wasn’t going to wear the Rey costume because I had another costume I had worked hard on and wanted to wear it. She again begged me to wear it even if it was just for an hour or two in the morning. I agreed and the next day got into the costume for the morning.

We got to the con and everyone in my family was trying to figure out how to get me over to the proposal location without me knowing what was going on. I was in a bad mood because the celebrity I wanted to meet had a really long line and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get his autograph (I did later on that day which added to the awesomeness of the whole thing). So, we wandered over to the photo booth for the 501st Legion Everglades. If you don’t know anything about them, they’re part of this huge group that does very legitimate Star Wars cosplay. They’re basically celebrities in their own right. Everyone went to take a picture with the Storm Troopers and some Empire generals while I sort of just hung back with my mom and held the bags. After a while, Brittany and my sister’s boyfriend (who’s also the photographer and videographer of the proposal) went over to their table to talk to them and then Brittany came to me to tell me that there was going to be a reenactment of the ending scene from Rogue One where the Rebels are running the Death Star plans to Princess Leia if I wanted to watch it.

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I figured that would be pretty cool. I’d seen them do it in a video at the Star Wars Celebration and it was pretty neat. So, we walk over to watch the reenactment. The Rebels are running from Darth Vader as he cuts them down and they hand the “plans” off to each other. When the last one falls to the ground in front of us, he hands the plans to Brittany and says, “Give this to the Princess. It’s our only hope!” Brittany turns and immediately hands it to me and I start looking for Leia, thinking maybe I’m supposed to go and find her or something. As I turn my back on her, Brittany gets down on one knee and when I turn back, she asks me to marry her.

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I was in such a state of shock at first I forgot to say yes. I heard the cheers and clapping of everyone around us and it sort of jarred me out of my stupor! It was such an unbelievable proposal. Something I never would’ve expected to come from her since I know she’s not really into Star Wars. After we took our pictures and ran off to get celebratory drinks, she told me she had been planning this since January. I still can’t believe that this happened, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She has always shown me that I am special to her even when I’m being difficult and out of every surprise she’s ever given me, nothing can come close to this. I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful woman.

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