Cathryn and Fernanda

How We Met

I’d booked a few trips to different parts of Latin America for work. I knew I wanted to move to Mexico, so I took every opportunity I could to travel there.

On one of my trips, I met up with a friend at a bar after work, who happened to be a mutual friend of me and Fernanda. Fer decided to join us for drinks, and as soon as I saw her walk in, my jaw completely dropped. The confidence. The smile. The eyes. She had an aura that drew me to her.

She was not impressed with my immediate, almost obsessive attraction to her, but I still somehow managed to get her number. When I got back to the States, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, so I continued to text her nonstop.

When I finally got the role I applied to in Mexico, I immediately texted Fernanda and asked, “Where are the best places to get an apartment in the city?” When she replied, “What? Why?” I told her I was moving to Mexico. After that, she became a bit more interested in replying to my messages.

How They Asked

The theme of the weekend was to celebrate our one-year anniversary.

I knew I wanted to marry Fernanda from the moment I met her, but she told me to wait at least one year, so I did. I proposed on the day after our one-year anniversary.

We arrived in Cabo on Friday and went on a sail around the bay to enjoy the ocean and watch the sunset. I felt like a duck on water—cool on the surface, but going a million miles per hour underneath, knowing the next day was the day I would ask her to marry me.

I’d been coordinating with the concierge at the hotel to plan the setup: a private rooftop dinner with a guitar player and rose petals everywhere. Muy romántico.

The concierge planned for us to arrive at the restaurant and be greeted by the host, who would welcome us by saying, “Good evening! So sorry, but we can’t find your reservation. However, we can show you to another location if you’d like?”

I told the concierge I loved the idea, but that we definitely needed to change what the host would say to us. If he told us he couldn’t find our reservation, I knew Fer would certainly not be okay with that.

We decided to change the plan to have us meet with the concierge at 5:15 p.m., and she would show us to our table (Fer still had no idea what the plan was, but was excited to dine at a nice restaurant).

The next day arrived. At 5:15 p.m. that evening, the concierge greeted us by saying, “I will show you to our nice king-size room where you will dine.” Fer looked at me with confusion. “What? Why? I like our room. I thought this was dinner at the restaurant?” she asked. I calmly smiled and replied, “Yes, that’s weird, but maybe it’s nice. Let’s check it out.”

We followed the concierge, and as she guided us up the steps to the terrace, we heard music playing. It was the music I asked the guitarist to greet us with.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cabo San Lucas

Fer immediately turned to me and asked, “Is that Selena playing?” I smiled and said, “Yes, it’s ‘Dreaming of You.’” (Our favorite song together.)

As we arrived to the terrace, Fer saw the rose petal pathway, the guitarist and the table set for two. She started to hug me and thank me for this “beautiful anniversary gift!” She still didn’t see the ring sitting on the table. I took advantage of that moment.

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Cathryn and Fernanda's Engagement in Cabo San Lucas

I placed my body in front of the ring and grabbed it quickly. I turned around, and at that moment, while the guitarist played one of my favorite lines from the song, I looked at Fer and said, “Mi amor, I want to be dreaming with you endlessly.” Then I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. I blacked out for about five seconds and then came back once I heard, “Sííííí!” I placed the ring on her finger, kissed her and held her close.

I’m the luckiest woman in this world.

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Cathryn's Proposal in Cabo San Lucas

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