Catherine and Jane

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Trocadéro, Paris, France

How They Asked

I came to Paris thinking this was a birthday getaway vacation, but I was just surprised by the sweetest proposal a woman could ask for!! We first met at the Phoenix First Friday art walk 8 years ago in Arizona and my soul was immensely drawn to Jane. Eight years ago, I knew in my heart that I found my soulmate.

On the morning of the proposal, February 11th, we had shared breakfast and coffee in our Parisian AirBNB and got dressed to see the Eiffel Tower. (Little did I know, Jane was hiding a ring in her long beige peacoat). On the Uber ride there, our song ironically started to play “I follow rivers by Lykke Li”.

Once we arrived, we walked across the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadéro for an early morning view before sunrise. Jane went to find someone to take a (what I thought was a casual photo of us) not knowing she had already hired a planned photographer disguised as a tourist @jacquesmateo and that’s when I turned around and she was already down on one knee smiling up at me! Of course, I said YES!

Jane, you truly are the most incredible human being I have ever met and I am so happy to say that I am going to spend the rest of my life you by my side. The love of my life, my best friend, my world ❤️

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Trocadéro, Paris, France

Special Thanks

Jacques Mateos
 | Photographer