Cassie and Alexa

How We Met

Alexa and I met nearly two years ago through Bumble. Our meeting couldn’t have come at a worse time. We were both living in the DC area, but on opposites sides (she was living on the Maryland side and I was living on the Virginia side). And here’s the kicker…we matched three days before I was about to move out of the area to go to grad school. I sent Alexa the first message after we matched and it included the world’s worst pun. Alexa’s bio on Bumble mentioned that she was a geologist so of course, I chose to go with a rock pun. “You’re a geologist? That rocks!” was my first message. As it turns out, Alexa shares my same sense of nerdy humor and responded: “I never take a bad pun for granted.” In our initial back and forth I mentioned to her that I was moving away from the area to attend grad school on the other side of the country in Seattle, Wa. Lucky for me, she didn’t seem put off by that at all. We spent a few weeks chatting through Bumble before making plans to meet up for our first date. As we talked I knew this girl was different. She was special and there was definitely something there.

We had our first date at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Our first date lasted 8 hours. We spent the day walking around the garden and talking about anything and everything. And when the garden closed, we found a spot to have dinner to continue the conversation. That first date really solidified for me that this was a woman I wanted in my life for a really, really long time.

I asked Alexa to officially be my girlfriend on the 4th of July to the sound of fireworks booming in the distance. Since then, every day has been truly magical. We conquered over a year of being long-distance and were able to close the distance in the fall of 2019 when I moved back to Washington, DC.

How They Asked

I knew a proposal was coming…I just didn’t know when. Alexa and I had discussed our engagement a lot. As two women, we get a lot of questions about who would be the one to ask who, who gets the ring, etc. I had always dreamed of being proposed to and as it turns out, Alexa wanted to be the one to propose. So it worked out perfectly! We had gone and looked at rings together in the fall of 2019 and I showed Alexa the style I wanted and put choosing the diamond in her hands because after all, she’s a geologist.

Alexa plays good long-game. In January, she told me that a proposal would be coming sometime between January and September and that I should just be ready! For some reason, I had this feeling that the proposal was going to happen in March. We fell into this little game where I would just throw out a random date in March like, “Oh, so when you propose to me on March 27th!”. And I actually correctly guessed the date! (Alexa told me this after the proposal)! So now, on to the juicy stuff, the big moment.

A photographer in the DC area had reached out to us about working on a larger project together. He wanted to do a get to know each other mini shoot before tackling the larger project to make sure we would be comfortable working together. (Alexa and I run a blog ( and Instagram account (@twofemmegems) together so this request wasn’t all that uncommon). All-day leading up to the shoot I had been teasing Alexa saying “Oh so you’re proposing tonight? I mean come on, its a shoot with my favorite photographer!” while never actually thinking a proposal was coming that evening. We had plans to meet the photographer on the National Mall in time for golden hour, or the saucy light as the photographer put it. We were running a little late to the shoot and ended up asking the photographer to meet us at the Lincoln Memorial instead of our original meeting place. We were just in time to catch the light.

We moved around the Lincoln Memorial taking pictures and eventually made our way up to the top of the steps where you can look out over the reflecting pool to the Washington Monument. The photographer asked to take some individual shots of each of us. He took Alexa’s first and then mine. At one point during my individuals, he had me turn away from Alexa and when I looked back she was standing there with something in her hands and she just looked at me and said, “This moment feels pretty epic doesn’t it?” And then she got down on one knee and continued with, “The world is going through a really difficult time right now (re: COVID-19) but I can’t imagine waiting another day to ask you to marry me. I love you so much, Cassie. Will you marry me?”

Where to Propose in The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

As she was speaking I just started crying at what a beautiful moment this was and how the woman I love more than anything in the world was asking me to be her wife. And of course, I said YES! But that wasn’t the end of the surprise. It’s a little known secret, but you can walk around the backside of the Lincoln Memorial to get a really good view of Arlington, VA across the river. We walked around the back and there was a picnic waiting for us to celebrate. Alexa had enlisted the help of my best friend to get everything set up and it was absolutely magical and perfect in every way.

Proposal Ideas The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

Special Thanks

Adam Mason
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring