Cass and David

How We Met

My fiancé and I met at work! He is a chiropractor and I was front desk receptionist.

How They Asked

My fiancé is a doctor who has recently purchased his own clinic. He has been extremely busy with this so I knew the idea of me proposing to him was the furthest thing on his radar. Every other year his family goes on Christmas break to Hawaii so back in June we purchased tickets. He made a joke about possibly proposing to me but I begged him not to do it at ‘such a cliché time or place.’ Over the next few weeks somewhere along the line he made a comment about him getting proposed to, I retorted that he would probably love the attention & we laughed as he agreed he most likely would. That’s when I knew I would be asking him. After 6 months of planning, asking his parents blessing, hiring a photographer & ukulele player I was ready.

On December 29th, one of our last days on the island, we headed to Lyon Arboretum for a photo shoot that I set up as ‘me helping a friend market her new photography business.’ My photographer & I went ahead of my fiancé and his parents so I could prep the hired musician. When my guy got there I went up to meet him and his parents to walk them to where I had everything set up. My photographer slipped me the ring as she had posed his back towards me. The musician started playing our song, ‘Annie’s Song’ by John Denver, and that’s when he turned to see me on one knee. He immediately started crying and said ‘yes, of course! Get up!’ It was perfect & perfectly us. We’re planning an October 2020 wedding in Oregon. ?