Carly and Danielle

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How We Met

Carly and I met playing pick-up basketball in San Francisco. When we were taking a break on the sidelines, Carly asked me how old I was. I thought that was a very odd way to start a conversation with someone you didn’t know, so it intrigued me. Carly thought I was cute, but too young for her, so she wanted to check. We quickly realized that we are only seven months a part. That day I convinced her to come to pick-up soccer night. At soccer, I was excited to see her. She couldn’t figure out how to get in the building, so she emailed the email thread. I responded right away with my number to slyly find a way to give her my number. I also made sure not to reply all on the thread to keep it under wraps. In my nervous excitement, I mistyped my number, so when she called, it didn’t work. Luckily she found her way in and later that week we had our first date and kiss. That was four and a half years ago.

How They Asked

Carly and I planned a week trip to New Orleans. We both had never been to the south. Carly told me that she got us a tour of the Longue Vue House and Gardens. When we got there, a woman handed us each a glass of champagne and told us to explore the garden before we start the house tour. The woman also mentioned that off to the right was her favorite part of the garden. When we eventually got to the “off to the right” part of the garden, I saw a big display of clocks in front of a beautiful pond. One clock said, “I want to spend the rest of time with you”. Music started playing and I quickly realized this was her proposal. She pulled out the ring from her pocket and popped the question. A photographer came out from behind a post and started capturing everything. After the proposal, we took a bunch of pictures with the photographer around the beautiful gardens and drank more champagne. Carly completely surprised me by secretly planning the proposal with Stacey Asaro at ProjectProposal. Stacey was the woman with champagne pretending to be the tour guide.

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Special Thanks

Stacey Asaro
 | Planning
Christie Froom
 | Photographer