Carla and Liz

how we met

It was Liz’s freshman year at the University of Michigan and, enticed by the promise of free Michigan gear, she joined the Novice Rowing Team. One fateful day at the end of the Spring Training Trip, a team challenge ended in a wall-sit in the Tampa International Airport. One of Liz’s novice teammates and Carla (a member of the varsity squad) were the last two left and to encourage her teammate Liz (allegedly) shouted, “You got this! She’s looking weak!” Liz will neither confirm nor deny this, but what is not in dispute is that Carla shot Liz a look that can only be described as, “The look of death.”

Liz quickly became terrified of Carla and avoided her at all costs – until they both ended up in the same boat for the championship season. Two years went by, Liz traded rowing for other pursuits like intramural football and inner-tube water polo but she remained a fan of the rowing team, which several of her close friends were still part of. Carla and Liz ended up in a class together, went for a drink one night after class, stayed way too long, and left agreeing that they had to do it again. Wednesday evening drinks at local bars became a regular event. And as the saying goes, the rest is history!

how they asked

We visited Seattle in September 2016, a place we lived earlier in our relationship and that still holds special meaning. Our first day there we planned to meet a friend downtown for lunch. Liz headed out for a walk that morning while Carla finished up some work with the plan to meet at a park near the ferry to ride downtown together. When Carla got to the park she found Liz sitting on a bench overlooking the water. Next thing she knew Liz was on one knee with a ring. Carla was surprised, Liz was relieved, and we both were thrilled. Best of all, the whole thing was captured on camera because the friend we were going to meet had been hiding in the bushes the whole time.

Special Thanks

Robyn and Finch
 | Photography
University of Michigan
 | Location