Camille and Nina

How We Met

We actually met on the dating app, Bumble! It’s so hard meeting someone these days, and we were lucky to be able to find each other on this app.

How They Asked

Right after Christmas, we had tickets to Enchant in DC. A few months before this, Nina and I spoke about being ready to take the next step. I definitely had a feeling it would be coming around the holidays because we both LOVE Christmas. I went to Kay Jeweler’s and bought the ring that I knew Nina had been eyeing up. I walked around DC with the ring in my pocket all day, and I still wasn’t sure if Nina had my ring or planned to propose later on that night at Enchant. Our friends Sarah and Anthony came along to ease our nerves, and capture Nina’s big moment. We walked around Enchant which was very romantic and festive, and Nina led the group of us down into the stands of the stadium, which was off limits. She asked our friends to take a picture of us, and after walking down a few steps she knelt down in front of me. I was so nervous I could barely get my hand in my pocket to retrieve her ring and reply “only if you marry me too.” I had a gut feeling that Nina would propose, but she had no idea that I had the courage to do it back.


Special Thanks

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