Caitlyn and Aneta

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How We Met

Aneta and I were destined to meet. She was working at a grocery store at a little over two years ago. My friend, who also worked at the store, met Aneta through a mutual friend. The second my friend met her, I started getting texts from him – “I’m hanging out with this girl… you need to meet her. You’d love her.” He sent me photos, showed her my picture, without my knowledge, set us up.

A few days later, we were all going to Haunted Trails (a Halloween park in San Diego). It was here that I finally met Aneta face to face. The night was magical. We walked through the park, talked all night, got drinks after, and ended up sharing the most amazing kiss.

I knew instantly that she was the one.

How They Asked

Coronado, California in San Diego is where Aneta told me she loved me on December 27, 2014. A year later, on December 27, 2015, she asked me to be her wife.

We woke up, had breakfast overlooking the water – champagne included. Shortly after, we took a walk along the water. Little did I know, two of my best friends were prepping the proposal spot the entire morning. They drove from LA to San Diego to put my favorite flowers (sunflowers, pine cones) and a sign that she made saying “will you marry me?” on one of the most beautiful trees in Coronado.

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Later, when we walked up to this spot, I saw her drop to her knee. She told me that she’d cherish me forever, meanwhile I cried tears of pure joy.

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She had everything set up exactly how I dreamt of a perfect proposal.

If that wasn’t enough, later on that evening, she planned a surprise party at our favorite restaurant. She had been in contact with our closest friends and family for over three months, assuring that they would be there to celebrate our engagement.

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Special Thanks

Anthony Harguindeguy
 | Proposal Prep
Michael Skulick
 | Proposal Prep
Andrew Aguilar
 | Photography