Caitlin and Blair

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mindo, Ecuador

How We Met

Caitlin and I met on July 10th, 2014 which happened to be my (Blair) 24th birthday. She was moving from Vegas to Los Angeles for a change of scenery and a new job. Our mutual friend Dagny Cannon was the common link. Dagny introduced us right before me and Dagny’s dodgeball game. Caitlin and I were fast friends for about 6 months and then cupid struck and we fell for each other. We’ve been inseparable since.

Caitlin's Proposal in Mindo, Ecuador

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mindo, Ecuador

Proposal Ideas Mindo, Ecuador

Caitlin and Blair's Engagement in Mindo, Ecuador

I thought it would be fun to include our engagement session photos here too. They are a bit non-traditional. We wanted to mimic our favorite movie couples from their iconic scenes. Hope they give you a laugh :)

How They Asked

Caitlin bought me a North Face duffle bag for Christmas. Inside the duffle bag was a fake plane ticket to “TBD.” Caitlin had planned an entire surprise trip to a destination she wasn’t going to tell me until we got to the airport for January!

Less than a month later, January 17th, we arrived at LAX where Caitlin finally told me where we were headed, Ecuador! She knew I had always wanted to go to South America and see the rain forest. We arrived in Quito first then headed to the beaches of Puerto Lopez and chilled for a few days. We then trekked to Mindo aka the Cloud Forest.

We took a chair lift and a tarabita (cable car) through the rain forest. We hiked up to the waterfalls and landed at the Cascada Nambillo. We dropped our stuff on a bench and checked out the long, rickety waterslide and the freshwater. I went off to explore further to see what was around and Caitlin sneakily set up my phone to record the proposal. She waited with nerves for a good 10 minutes until I returned. She didn’t let that annoy her (too much) and immediately started playing a video on her phone. The video was of her going to the CatBird pop up in LA to find a ring (which ended up being two rings) and pick it up.

The video concluded with her asking me to marry her. She dropped down on her knee and showed me the rings, one full of black diamonds and the other a rose gold ring with white diamonds. I said “Si!” and went down the waterslide in celebration. Ecuador will always be a special place for us and we hope it inspires more people to go there. It’s affordable, beautiful and has so many fun activities which are just what you want in a vacation… and a proposal!

Our Video

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