Brooke and Emily

How We Met

After quite a few failed relationships and “Mrs. Wrong’s,” both of us were convinced by friends to download the dating app called “her.” Like most dating apps, matching others is based on the radius that you set. With one of us being from Long Island, NY & the other from New Jersey… it was a “right place, right time” match. I happened to be in NYC for the day. so when I opened My app, we matched based on our set radius. I guess you could say the rest is history.

How They Asked

In 2016, we took a trip to Newport Rhode Island and fell in love with it. We had been talking about rings and engagement for a while but both agreed (or so I thought) that we wanted to save up for buying a home. Fast forward two years and Brooke planned a last minute weekend trip back to our favorite place. Not thinking anything of it, throughout the weekend I made comments here and there about how cute it would be if we got engaged. 11/17/18, the day we will remember forever, started out as a normal day. We went to CrossFit in the morning, then headed to the Newport Winery. I was aware that there was a “surprise” planned 3pm, but Brooke was always full of surprises so I a) didn’t think anything of it, and b) didn’t ask many questions. Brooke had packed a few outfits for me, and mentioned we were going on a boat. She said we should get there by 2:45, but I insisted on checking out the Newport Brewery before our “surprise”, which made us cut it close on time. We quickly stopped at the air bnb to grab our belongings before heading to the surprise.

As we pulled up to goat island, there was no boat in sight. We spent a few minutes driving around, and rushing in typical Brooke & Emily fashion. We pulled up to the marina with an old pirate ship docked. Brooke said “just leave your stuff in the car.” As we walked up to the dock, there were two women walking around. They said “we’re just setting up some stuff for a wedding, the boat is running a little bit late but you can head out on the dock if you want to wait.” I took a look at Brooke, and asked if we could just wait in the car. She said “Just, come.” As we opened the gate to the dock, I saw a sign that said “This is a beautiful start to a lifelong love letter,” lyrics to our favorite song “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles.

She grabbed my hand and we continued walking down the dock. Initially, I thought maybe it was just a cute lunch she had set up for us. As I heard camera shutters behind us, and the two women following behind, my heart began to race. At the end of the dock was another sign that said “I choose you.” Brooke grabbed both my hands, and turned to face me. With both of our hands shaking, and the tears beginning to fall down my face…it was then that I realized what was happening. “HOLY SH!@#%” I thought. This cannot be real.

She began talking about our first date, and how she falls more in love with me everyday. How she wants to wake up to and fall asleep next to me for the rest of her life. My heart was pounding and before I knew it, she stepped back onto one knee and I absolutely lost it. The dream proposal I have been playing over and over in my head since we met was actually happening. On a perfect day, with perfect weather, in the most perfect way possible, I said yes. 1,000 times yes. Before I could even process what was happening, we began our surprise engagement photo shoot with our proposal planner and photographer who were “pretending” to be setting up for a wedding. Our photo shoot was followed by a romantic celebratory dinner. We returned to our air bnb that night which was decorated with rose petals, the signs, and candles from the engagement. The next day, which was spent still crying tears of joy, we returned home to yet another surprise…Brooke invited our family and friends to celebrate the best day of our lives. To say 11/17/2018 was the best day of my life is an understatement. It was an absolute fairytale.

Special Thanks