Brittney and Wendy

Where to Propose in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

How We Met

I met Wendy on my first day of work at an indoor trampoline park as a party host. I was told I would shadow another host and to just head upstairs to wait for her.

I will never forget hearing a cart roll down the hall, looking up, and feeling fine just stop as I saw her walk down the hall in her bright orange work shirt, black tights, and dark blue bow in her pony tail and she looked up and smiled to great me. Those slow motion moments in the movies where you first meet the love interest, they exist. And in that moment, it’s like my heart already new what my mind didn’t. “This is her.”

But of course, she had a boyfriend. And those next two years, I could only have patience. As my feelings grew, I only denied them more. Until finally, I had to tell her. And thankfully, she felt the same.

A week later, she was single. A week after that, we dated. Two months after that, she was mine. But, with all that waiting, I knew I was waiting for my future wife.

How They Asked

For the absolute longest, Wendy kept talking about Lake Louise. How she thought it was beautiful and how she just needed to go one day. After I bought the ring that suited her, it was tome to plan. Her birthday was in September and I knew I had to plan it for after that as a surprise “birthday” trip. Tickets were booked, an AirBnb was rented, rental car was saved, and photographers contacted Now all I had to do was wait and keep it a secret, which sounds easy enough, but not if you’re the worlds worst liar, me. I laugh and become very awkward and just talk too much, but luckily work kept her occupied.

After telling her and our bags were packed, we were off. The first few days of the trip consisted of texts with the photographers, an AMAZING husband and wife duo, and lots of adventuring. Saturday, September 28, 2019 came and it was go time. We left around 6 in the morning to get there before the rush of people poured in. On the drive, and kept telling myself I wouldn’t cry. I mean, I even had a speech I thought I could remember! I was good. We got off the car, walked to where the photographers were, did our code word thing and it was the moment I had waited MONTHS for. All the planning led to this moment, the start to our forever.

The speech flew out the window and the nerves took over. I don’t remember what I told her exactly, but I remember getting down on one knee and asking her to marry me. As tears came down her face, they came down mine as well. That “Yes!” is my favorite word for now, until the day comes when she says “I do.”

She is my soulmate. The chemistry we have is undeniable. Life is better when you get to spend it with your best friend. My family loves her and her family loves me. I never wanted to be tied down because being single seemed more, me. That all changed when I saw her. When time stopped and it was just her and I. Time still stops, and our love grows. And I can’t wait to spend my life with her.

Brittney's Proposal in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Special Thanks

Jodie and Zach Davis
 | Photographer