Brittney and Amanda

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How We Met

Amanda and I were a good ol’ Tinder story. When we met Amanda lied about her age. She told me she was 19 going on 20 but she was really 18. Me being 22 I was cautious to meet her but Amanda was persistent. The day we finally met (at Ralph’s) I knew she was special. We fell in love over our mutual love for Disney and sports. Amanda was a division 2 field hockey goalie for Adelphi University. We had a lot to overcome because my parents did accept us at first but Amanda being so graceful and patient stuck it out.

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How They Asked

I recently graduated from college and got a full-time job in a hospital on Long Island. I had the ring since February and wanted to make sure I could provide for us. Amanda played field hockey for Adelphi university for 4 years.

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We spent most of our relationship down at Motamed field. I had her friends convince her she was going on a picnic down at the field for old time’s sake.

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As she rounded the corner to get onto the field I was standing there with a sign asking her to marry me, rose petals, and pictures throughout our relationship. Her reaction was priceless. Of course, she said yes!

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Special Thanks

Amanda-lee Seeley
 | Photographer