Brittany and Lauren

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In the mountains in Boulder, Colorado

How We Met

Lauren and I met on a dating app called Her a little over four years ago. We met at a cute little hole in the wall bar. I had just got off of a 12-hour shift working as a youth treatment counselor at a center for at-risk and abused youth. I didn’t have much time to get ready so I just said screw it and threw on black jeans and a loose long sleeve t-shirt. I looked in the mirror and said this is me if she doesn’t like it then she doesn’t like it. When I got to the bar and she walked in I quickly regretted not trying hard to “look good” for our date. I did everything you shouldn’t do on a first date. Shared way too much information, was super chatty, and when the bar was starting to close I wanted to hang out with her more. I am not the hookup type and I wanted to make that clear so I told her, “you can come over if you’d like. I live just down the street. Don’t worry, I won’t molest you or anything.” Who says that? It sounded good in my head but as it left my mouth I was shocked that she agreed to a hang out more. The rest is history.

How They Asked

We had been together for three years when I proposed. I reached out to my photographer buddy and his girlfriend months in advance and told them how I wanted to propose. I told her that my friend was going to be in town and that he needed shots of some drinkware for a company that he worked for and he asked me if he could take pictures of us. (He does work for that company but it was all a lie so she wouldn’t be suspicious.) I had made a list of questions for him to ask us and had provided him with chalkboards prior to the day of the shoot. He asked us questions which we had to write down on the chalkboards and then turn around and show each other our answers. Some were about our relationship and some were related to the drinkware company just to throw her off.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In the mountains in Boulder, Colorado

The last question I had him ask us was, “What is one question you want to ask your partner that you don’t know the answer to?” Of course, my question was “Will you marry me?” We popped some champagne in the mountains and then we went to dinner. I played it cool the whole night and nonchalantly at dinner said, let’s go back to the bar where we had our first date. She didn’t really want to go there but I convinced her without seeming too eager to get her there.

Brittany's Proposal in In the mountains in Boulder, Colorado

Proposal Ideas In the mountains in Boulder, Colorado

Brittany and Lauren's Engagement in In the mountains in Boulder, Colorado

At the bar were all of our friends and some of our family waiting for us when we came in. We had our proposal pictures up on the wall playing in a loop. It was the perfect day and I successfully surprised her with it all (which if you knew me, is really hard to do). I get really excited about giving things and surprises that I usually spill the beans. We have been engaged for a little over a year now and are working on our wedding plans.

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