Brittani and Holly

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kansas City, MO/Manhattan, KS

How We Met

We had a lot of mutual friends in common and I don’t think either of us could tell you the exact moment we met. Through friends in college, interests we had in common, and groups we were both a part of, we’d always seemed to be in each other’s lives. It wasn’t until we’d both graduated that we realized being together is where we were meant to be.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kansas City, MO/Manhattan, KS

Proposal Ideas Kansas City, MO/Manhattan, KS

How They Asked

Our story is unique — Holly and I had decided from when we first started dating that we both deserved to be proposed to. As our relationship progressed, we both always knew that I (Brittani) was more ready for marriage than Holly, so it was kind of an unspoken agreement that she would be the first to ask, when she was ready, without any pressure.

Holly’s proposal was perfect. My family has an annual Royals (baseball) trip we take each year, and she’d had it planned for months. We had a suite all to ourselves, and she’d had my brother distract me outside while she got people ready inside. When it was ready, I coincidentally asked if my brother needed a drink and we went inside. I was, ya know, not paying attention, and just started walking in saying hi to people. My parents and two of my cousins were at the bar facing away from me, and turned around at the same time, wearing shirts that spelled out “Will you marry me?” I was kind of confused at first, then realized, wait a minute, this was directed toward me! I couldn’t believe it, lost my breath, and turned around to Holly down on one knee. It was beautiful and perfect and a dream come true.

Flash forward seven months: I’d picked the perfect ring, and just needed to pick the perfect time. Being a part of the queer community in Manhattan, I had a lot of connections to the event I knew would be the perfect place: the annual K-State Drag Show. I got the permission I didn’t think I’d get, the plan was set, and then I just had to wait. Waiting felt like FOREVER. Is this how Holly felt? A friend helping with the show told her we’d be giving one of the queens a gift on stage. Little did Holly know, she’d be the one getting the gift! We went on stage, me nervously following Holly, and she handed the queen her gift as I got down on one knee. I was waiting for what seemed like eternity for her to notice, and when she finally did, I thought she was going to faint. It was perfect and I caught her completely off guard.

We got married October 5th, 2019, and we’ve never been happier. Life is beautiful with the one you love by your side.