Kimberly and Brianna

Although the proposal was in December of 2013, I remember every second of that day! At the time of the proposal we had been together for 8yrs, yes I waited 8 beautiful years for this moment! :) we had always both knew we wouldn’t want to be married to any other person besides each-other but we also knew marriage is something extra special and we had to wait for when we both felt it was the right time to reach for that next step in life..Fast forward to December 3rd, 2013, She planned a mini getaway to Monterey, Ca for just her and i. She booked the most gorgeous oceanfront suite at our favorite hotel and as we arrived to our suite, I couldn’t help but sit in front of the panoramic windows and stare at the view of endless ocean. I was so at peace in that moment! even though she was oddly scrambling around the suite. She suddenly tells me “I left clothes in the car, I’ll be back”..

A few moments later she snuck back inside, I’m still stuck in that same spot looking out at the view, she taps me on the shoulder, gets down on one knee and asks “Kimberly, will you be my wife for the rest of my life?”..I’m crying, she’s crying, although a bit speechless from the initial shock of having absolutely no idea about something so big, I of course said yes! We then quickly called our family to tell them the news they had all known about. That day was so peaceful and perfect for us. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better way and more important, a better fiancé!

Image 1 of Kimberly and Brianna