Briana and Tiahna

How We Met

Briana and I had gone to school together since Elementary school, however, I was an AP student involved in a million extracurriculars and Bri was the opposite. She was a part of what I call the “delinquent” crowd. We officially met in 2017 while I was working the Starbucks drive-thru after just moving home from College. After a series of awkward encounters, where I would ask menial questions and trip over my words, we finally connected through social media. We spent a few weeks getting to know each other through text messages and snap chats and finally set the first date.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in DisneyWorld

I was so nervous and so was she, but we were both excited to see if the online spark would translate into real life.

We spent 4 hours at a Starbucks (go figure) talking about our lives and experiences and how we knew of one another from elementary school to high school, but because we ran in different social circles, never actually connected. It was the single most amazing date I had ever been on. I could tell she respected me in a way I was unfamiliar with and we connected on every level imaginable. When it came time for me to finally leave, I was already thinking of when I could see her again. We have been on many dates since and shared many moments, one of which was based on my love of Disney Pixar UP, one of our dates even included her buying me a grape soda pin and writing me a cute note while I was serving at a restaurant at Disney Springs.

Where to Propose in DisneyWorld

Since that first date, we have gone on a spur of the moment trip to Georgia, a crazy bachelorette trip to Cabo, and even bought a house. There have been many adventures and I can’t wait to embark on the biggest yet.

How They Asked

Well, my friend Stacie had reached out to me asking if I wanted to go to DisneyWorld. We used to have passes and go all the time after class. I had been asking to go since I moved back from Orlando and had to cancel my pass. Bri could never be convinced to spend the money and battle the crowds though. However, since Stacie and I are both UCF students we get discounted pricing on day passes, so Bri and I agreed to go. Little did I know that Bri had already spoken to Stacie and set it up.

We spent the morning of getting ready and I was completely oblivious to the fact that Bri was orchestrating my appearance for a special reason. She made sure I liked my hair and makeup, picked out a Minnie shirt that read “I’ll be Your Minnie”. We get in the car and as we are headed to Disney I bring up that I know I’ve been commenting on other people getting engaged and married and having children and it seems like I’m trying to rush her into those commitments. I continued on to say, “I know it will happen when it’s supposed to, but I don’t think I’m currently ready for having the pressure of planning a wedding”.

Bri was having a heart attack at this point, as she had the ring in her sock.

We arrive at Disney and after almost getting ousted by security, we finally made it into the park. This was Bri’s first time to Disney since she was a small child. We rode all of the big famous rides, did some people watching, and enjoyed a Dole Whip. At one point her face almost ruined the entire surprise when I said “but if you were to propose this would be the perfect place”, she had to quickly come up with something witty to throw me off.

Stacie and Bri had oddly been mentioning all day that we had to get pictures in front of the castle. I thought nothing of it since it was Bri’s first time at Disney basically and one of the only times we would be visiting the most magical place on earth. We waited until 2 pm, as that is when there are the fewest people in front of the castle. During the photo op, Stacie got a photographer and had my phone as well. A couple of photos in and Bri decides she needs to “tie her shoe” when I realize what is happening I instantly start crying and shaking. Bri then says her little bit and nervously asked those 4 special words, “Will You Marry Me?”

Briana's Proposal in DisneyWorld

Needless to say, I said yes or rather nodded frantically with tears streaming down my face.

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