Bre and Blaire

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How We Met

Blaire and I met at a masquerade party on a rooftop. Ironically enough, neither of us were actually wearing the appropriate mask for said event. It was later discussed between us that we both didn’t really want to be there that night, but are lucky we went anyway. I arrived before Blaire did and, let her tell it, she spotted me as soon as she walked in. After being at the party for a while, I felt someone starring at me from across the room so I turned my head to see who it was. Over a sea of people Blaire and I locked eyes. In that moment I felt all the blood rush to my face and quickly turned away, wishing I would have worn that mask after all- as it would’ve disguised the embarrassing blush that had taken over either side of my face. Moments later, I looked over at her again, man was she beautiful, and we locked eyes for the second time. This exchange of intermittent eye contact went on a few more times before I finally had the courage to motion her over to where I was standing. As I watched her walk my direction I reminded myself to be cool, even though deep down I knew I’d be as awkward as they come. Finally standing together and somehow navigating through an exchange of words, I eventually ask for her number and she quickly rattles it off to me. I actually got her to come awkwardly talk to me a couple more times after that. And we pretty much spent rest of the evening texting back and forth and making secret eye contact from across the room.

A few weeks later she asked me on a date and I was blown away by the amount of effort she put into orchestrating such a beautiful day together. First, she surprised me with horseback riding- something I had previously confessed my love for via text conversation and also something she had never done before. At this point, I was already super impressed by her thoughtfulness and willingness to try new things. After horseback riding she took me to a vegan restaurant for lunch (remembering that I also mentioned I was vegan during one of our many “get to know you” conversations). She, of course, was not vegan at the time, but still made sure we went somewhere I could eat. At this point, I was literally in disbelief of how kind and considerate she had been and was texting my best friend a play by play of our date every chance I got- without being too obvious, of course. Needless to say, we’ve been pretty much inseparable since that day.

Bre and Blaire's Engagement in San Pedro Island, Belize

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How They Asked

On a random Wednesday night, as I was folding and putting away laundry, Blaire handed me a brown envelope and told me I should open it. Wondering why she was asking me to do this at such a random time, I gave her the “side eye” and slowly opened it. When I looked inside the envelope, there was around 20 bags of my favorite mushroom snack. I immediately started giggling at the insane amount of snacks and told her how much I appreciated her. After all, they were one of my favorites and I was out of them. I didn’t think much of it because Blaire always does random thoughtful things for me and she probably noticed that I didn’t have any more in the pantry. A minute later she comes back with another brown envelope asking me to open it. I start smiling at the fact that she was being so sweet to me with her random acts of kindness. The next bag had three new swimsuits in it, which I thought was odd because it was January and too cold to go swimming. Nonetheless, I thanked her for the super cute new suits and thought maybe she had just thinking of me and the suits happened to be on sale. Back to folding laundry and a couple minutes later, here is Blaire yet again, this time with a brown box asking me to… that’s right…. open it. Now I was starting to wonder what was really going on, still she insisted that I just open the box and see what’s inside. I eventually complied and inside I found beach towels, water shoes, sunscreen, and bug spray. By this time I was giggling so hard my cheeks were hurting. I for sure knew something was going on. With a beautiful smile on her face, Blaire told me that the snacks, swimsuits, and beach supplies were to pack in my suitcase because we were flying to someplace warm in the morning. I was so excited I started packing right away, leaving the unfolded laundry for another day. Of course she refused to tell me WHERE we were going until we made it to the airport. Blaire kept asking me if I had my I.D. so I figured we’d be going somewhere in the states.

Once at the airport, I was anxious to print our boarding passes to see where we were going. As soon as I saw BELIZE I was over the moon. And before I could say “I don’t have my passport,” Blaire handed it to me with the cutest grin on her face. So sneaky! We eventually made it to San Pedro Island where we stayed in a super cute bed and breakfast on the beach. Our vacation was filled with so many fun activities. We went snorkeling, swam with sharks, visited with wild howler monkeys, toured the Mayan Ruins, tried local restaurants, took a yoga class on the beach, and had a couple’s massage over the water. On our last day in San Pedro, Blaire surprised me with a beautiful new dress and some killer heels to put on. She told me that we were going to do a photo shoot on the beach. I was super excited for us to have some sweet moments on the beach captured by a professional. It was our “2 years in a relationship” anniversary that day, so everything going on made sense to me. I got ready and we went out by the water to to start taking pictures. Our photographer was amazing and we clicked with her instantly. A few shots into the shoot, Blaire suggested we take some photos out on the dock. As we walked that way, she told me to look at how beautiful the sunset was, so I turned to admire it. A few seconds later, I turned back around to see the love of my life down on one knee and I knew it was THAT moment. Without hesitation, she so eloquently spoke of the day she asked me to be her girlfriend, the promises she made me, and how she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with me. At the end of her heartfelt words, she opened a personalized ring box revealing the most beautiful, most perfect ring I’d ever seen in my life. As soon as she asked, “will you marry me?”, I replied with a very confident “YES!” Then she slipped that breathtaking ring on my finger and we finished our photo shoot, more in love than either of us ever imagined we’d could be.

After the shoot, we went inside to get changed. Blaire wanted to go out to eat to celebrate our engagement since it was our last night in Belize. Unbeknownst to her, I had been hiding/toting around an engagement ring for her that I’d bought a few months ago, just waiting on the perfect time to give it to her. Also unbeknownst to her, I’d written (and secretly practiced over and over) a special song (well, more of a rap) that I planned to perform for her during my proposal. Performing anything in front of people is way out of my comfort zone, so I was as nervous as I could be. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d pull this off in a noisy restaurant, but I knew that if it was meant to be, everything would work out. When we arrived at the restaurant everyone there was lovely. They congratulated us on our engagement and seated us at a table with a beautiful view. Shortly after we got our menus, I knew I had to do it now. I excused myself from the table to “use the restroom.” On my “restroom break”, I told the restaurant manager my proposal plan and she was in full support to help me pull it off. I walked back over to our table, microphone in hand, and poured my heart out in front of Blaire (and all lucky bystanders). After a little intro speech, I shamelessly, yet very nervously, performed my original rap to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. I rhymed about the day we met to the moment of me asking her to marry me back. At the end of my serenade, I present her with an engagement ring- symbolizing our eternal love story and beginning of forever.

Blaire and I’s relationship has never been about gender roles or prescriptive rules. We’ve always moved so beautifully as a team- organically taking turns and seamlessly filling in for one another as needed. As partners we value equal accountability and I wanted our engagement to portray that. And there’s no doubt in my mind that our marriage will encompass how we we both show and accept each other’s love on a daily basis.


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