Bomeilyn and Cindy

How We Met

Cindy and I met at a Christian Church in June 2014. A mutual friend introduced us and from that day we had a strong connection. Within weeks we became BEST FRIENDS. It was honestly the cutest friendship we have ever had. Years later, we had a really big fight and we stop talking. I (Bomeilyn) was convinced that I didn’t want to talk to her never again. But Cindy was totally the opposite. She started sending me flowers, little notes, planning romantic dates that in my eyes they were only friendship dates so we could go back to being Best Friends. (Little did I know, she had other plans) She decided to make me fall in love with her without directly telling me that she (Cindy) was secretly in love with me for TWO YEARS.

After some dates, we were back talking and being friends again but things were different. She was more romantic than ever, we would cuddle and she would stare at my face FOR HOURS. Months went by, and I started thinking “Does she likes me?” “Wait, but she’s not gay” “am I making this up in my head”. But, one day I was strong enough to pop the question & it was like this: “Cindy, please be completely honest, do you have other feelings for me besides just a friendship love? If you do, nothing will change, I’ll not get distant” and she froze for a minute, and replied “No, I see you as a little sister” OMG. I was like “okay thank God” because obviously for our religion at that time. Long story short, weeks after that question, she attempted to kiss me, that day I just knew. After many attempts, one day I was driving she randomly told me to park on a corner ( & I did ) and she started touching my face and just being so Cute. I told her, if you keep doing this I’ll be the one to kiss you. And she said, “Do it”. And the magic happened. (2017) .

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After that, she confessed to me that she was secretly in love with me for TWO YEARS and that she kept hiding it mainly for 3 reasons: 1) Our Religion (what they taught us at church about same-sex relationships) 2) We both have always dated men before, I had never Been with a girl and she had never even liked a girl.

3) She was scared that I would freak out and distance myself. And lose the friendship as well.

For us, it was impossible but here we are. About to get MARRIED!

How They Asked

On October 12, 2019, Cindy Castro asked me to be her wife. It all started with small love notes every day during the week. Since she’s always like that, I didn’t suspect anything. When I woke up, There was a gift on the dining table waiting for me with a note that said “To Bomeily From: Cindy” when I opened it, inside was the outfit she wanted me to wear for that night (to me it was a regular date night just the two of us). When it was time to leave the house at night, we went down I start walking toward our car and suddenly I see a limousine waiting for us, There I got really nervous. We arrived at the restaurant and they take us to a private area and I see my whole family and this beautiful decoration and photos of us at the table. There I knew what was happening. What she didn’t know was that I already had an engagement ring to propose to her. My idea was to propose on a trip.

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Bomeilyn's Proposal in Las Vegas Nevada

Since my trip wasn’t booked yet, I had to hide the ring until I figured the plans. But when I saw my sister and her sister came all the way from New York to Vegas, I knew what was going to happen. So I decided to carry the ring in my purse every day to propose to her when she did (surprise her in her surprise.

When she got down on one knee, I was freaking out, I had a little “Laugh attack” and then I said “YESSSS”

After saying yes I said, “I want to marry you ONLY if you Marry Me “ She started crying immediately. And said Yes.

Our beautiful Double Engagement.