Bianca and Melanie

How We Met

Mel and I met in Latin American history class at 8 class in mercy college in the year 2013. I was always sleeping in class and Melanie was loud. We also had a mutual friend in class between us. We started talking and Melanie was very into fitness so I had told a little fib and said that I went to the same gym as her just because I had to reel my way in somehow, I just had to be close to her.

The next day we hung out in the city and a Karaoke bar and stood out until 8 am in the morning, the time had passed and re didn’t even know it until someone said something. We were inseparable after that. I knew from the first day that I was going to spend the rest of forever with her and the rest of my life loving her.

How They Asked

Melanie brought me to the Raphael’s winery. It was our first time there. I love to have some wine and relax after a long week of work. It was Melanie’s birthday weekend so I was so busy planning stuff to do for the weekend with her. She had told me her boss got us a tickets for a winery tour our east on Long Island.

So I had absolutely no idea that she was going to ask me to marry her. We are on the tour and we go downstairs where all the barrels of wine are so beautiful. There was a photographer there that told me to to take a picture looking out. When I turned around after taking the picture there Melanie was on her knee. Fully superseded and overwhelmed with happiness.

Special Thanks

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