Beth and Allie

how we met

This is actually a funny story. Both my partner and I are very involved in our flag football league, but we each play for different teams. At the end of every season, there is a huge league party. During this celebration, one of my teammates grabbed me and physically placed me in front of this blonde girl with a cast on her hand and told us that we should talk. My teammate then ran away, leaving us to our very awkward hellos. We tried to talk for a little while but the bar was so loud we could not hear each other. Allie asked for a “rain check“ and turned to grab her phone, but because her dominant hand was in a cast she had to turn completely around to grab it. I took the question and her turning her back to me as being blown off, so I walked away. When Allie turned back around to get my number I was already gone and she was very confused. Luckily she was able to find me later in the night where we could actually have a conversation. We still argue to this day about her turning her back to me (in the most joking of ways).

how they asked

There are not enough space in this box to describe the entire event that led up to the proposal but it’s a damn good story. Basically, she proposed to me surrounded by my family with the most adorable video ( which included all of our family and friends)which she set up at Sunset under the special apple tree (it has a lot of meaning to me) at my family’s cabin in North Carolina.

Special Thanks

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PVD Pedestrian Bridge
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