Beonca and Cierra

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Starbucks- Fredericksburg, VA

How We Met

Aight so boom.

Meeting on social media (H.E.R) is like the only way to meet people these days. I had just stopped talking with another person and happened to get on the site not really looking for much, but wanting to occupy the time. I saw her picture and was in awe, but was completely confused when she liked my picture back. I thought this was my only chance so I should tell her a joke to get her attention. My first message was “Hey you wanna hear a joke, what’s Super Mario’s favorite kinda pants?…. Denim Denim Denim”—-That joke landed me the first date.

4.4.17 We met up in the Starbucks parking lot In Fredericksburg. I still remember her getting out of her car and I still couldn’t believe she agreed to go on a date with me. An amazing date, but too afraid to kiss her so I got in my care and SPED off. Thank goodness she agreed to give me a second date and took the matter into her own hands this time.

How They Asked

8.31.19 Proposed to her inside of Starbucks and let her know I would never be too afraid to do anything when it came to her. #iconqueredmyfears

I began planning for a private yet memorable proposal. We went to Jared to pick out a ring. She fell in love with one but when I went back to get it, it wasn’t there. Needless to say….746 miles later, she was able to get the ring of her dream. I asked her best friends for her hand in marriage. Believe it or not, it was much easier to get the ring (they are INCREDIBLE friends). Afterward, they agreed to help me plan.

I proposed inside of Starbucks where I first laid my eyes on her. Her friends flew and drove for miles. I told her we were going to a Great Gatsby themed wedding (thanks Jamal for the fake invitation). We found the perfect dress after visiting several stores. I asked her friends to meet us at Starbucks at 4:15 pm. Well……we got there around 5. I planned for a videographer to capture the entire thing. A friend of hers wanted to see her fit for the wedding so she led us to Starbucks where the remainder of our friends awaited the event. We walked in and she was so surprised. She hadn’t seen a few of her friends in months because of the distance. When she finally stopped hugging everyone, she turned around to find me on one knee.

Where to Propose in Starbucks- Fredericksburg, VA

We went to our engagement party immediately following the proposal at the Splitsville Bowling alley, where we went on our first date, to see our support system of family and friends. To the incredible people that helped me plan this and keep this a secret, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was the most incredible day and was everything I spent weeks losing sleepover. #shesaidyes

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