Audrey and Steven

How We Met

We met 9 years ago at community college during the summer by a mutual friend. When the fall semester started we met again and became really good friends. We both played sports for our school, him baseball and me softball. I would always sit with him and even got the nerve to ask him on a date. We instantly hit it off and have been inseparable ever since the first moment we met. My heart has always followed him even to our year to Oklahoma Baptist University.

How They Asked

On my birthday this year, December 29th, we went to a nice lunch walked LA to see new sites. We love seeing new spots to eat, take pictures, and make memories in LA. When we went to Vista Hermosa Park, we sat on this bench where we got the perfect picture of LA. All of the sudden our family popped out of no where and he popped the question.

He said ever since he saw me he knew I was the one that he l. would live life with. He would even get to school two hours early knowing I was study in the common area to eat lunch, just so he could spend quiet time without our friends. He even admitted to not taking a class that early. I laughed so hard and tears of joy came to my eyes, because I couldn’t wait another second. Of course, I said yes! This was the best view of LA, seeing our life move forward with so much love and support surrounding us for our future.

Special Thanks

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