Attaley and Lupe

how we met

Lupe and I met at work, she was someone who I was assigned to show around. I thought she was pretty and cute. My coworkers told me I didn’t have a chance.

how they asked

The proposal happened over Valentines weekend. I love Valentine’s Day- a hopeless romantics in that way I guess lol and I have little rituals every year. However when I looked at the calendar I noticed it was a long weekend and I just knew this was the perfect time. I contacted a friend of mine for his jewelers information and started designing the ring. I planned a secret getaway trip to Santa Cruz, a special that is special to me and one I’ve been wanting to share with her. I reached out to a former college friend who happens to be a photographer to see if she would be available. She was not however she introduced me to Tiffany. Who I am so grateful for. We set up a meeting to FaceTime and share the details with her. The proposal was to happen on Sunday morning. However she suggested Saturday evening sunset would really photograph well. I loved the idea because I was too excited to wait any further. We went to go shopping for outfits but she thought it was just another trip. After I was happy with what we got I couldn’t wait. The day finally arrived, I ordered theses forever roses to be sent to her office Friday (Valentines day) I went to buy a bottle of champagne for the picnic I planned by the beach and later that evening I took her to go see Dashboard Confessional at the Wiltern- they sing the first song I ever dedicated to her “Hands Down” afterwards, we shared a romantic dinner (street hotdogs) there her favorite after any event. It was perfect. The next day I woke her up really early. And I said let’s go. She sleepily agreed. I went to go pick up my siblings because they were involved as well. We were off. She woke up when we near Santa Barbra and she assumed we were going there. After I informed her we were not. She kept asking until she got it out of me. Santa Cruz was our destination and she was so ecstatic. We had breakfast in Monterey and we went wine tasting. After we returned to our room. We got changed and went to the beach. I felt so calm. I spotted Tiffany and started to set up. We were looking at the sunset and we were just talking. Then I took her aside posing for pictures the my siblings were taking (that was our sign for them to start recording) and afterwards I got down and one knee. Gave her my speech and she cried. I asked her to marry me. She agreed and then Tiffany came and was just amazing and started to capture our special moment. We popped the champagne and celebrated. The following day we went on different adventures and eventually headed home.

Special Thanks

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