How She Asked: Amanda and Moriah

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How We Met: Amanda and I have known each other since we were young. Her family and my family have been close since before we were even born. When she was young her family moved to Arizona. She would come to Cali every summer and spend a couple weeks with her older sisters. Our families would always have so much fun together. It was always a blast. As as we grew older we saw less and less of each other. It’s only natural, especially with work and school, but we still kept in touch through MySpace and Facebook.

A couple years ago, I was having a hard time in my life. I was coming out to my family and it wasn’t going so well. I remembered that Amanda had gone through the same situation that I was going through. So I reached out. We talked on the phone that day and never stopped talking after. We would spend hours talking, texting, and sending pictures of our day. We MIGHT have even gone over our phone limits costing a couple hundred dollars extra in phone bills.

We became each other’s best friend. As soon as something happened, she was the first person I wanted to tell. We had become so close but we were still so far away from each other. Many serious conversations and 11 long months later she moved out to California and we have been inseparable since.

how they asked: Our two year anniversary was coming up and we had “made plans” to spend the weekend in Napa. I even made it her personal job to do research on what the best vineyards would be to go to while we were there. She had no idea that I had a completely different plan. For the past couple months I had been planning on proposing to her that weekend. I had created a scavenger hunt around San Jose complete with 12 customized clues that would bring her to a new surprise and destination throughout the day. I even bought a ticket for her little sister to fly out from AZ and surprise her. She hadn’t seen her family in almost 10 months and was missing them so Much.

I had even skyped her mom and dad and asked their permission to marry Amanda. During the conversation, they decided that they also wanted to be here for the day and help surprise her. HOW EXCITING!

The day started off so smoothly. I told Amanda that I was going to the car to get something, but I never came back. 15 minutes later she finally texted me asking where I was. I told her to look under the yoga pants in the second drawer. That’s where the magic began. It was a sparkly clue that informed her that Napa was just a cover and I had a huge day planned for her. Just like that, this wonderful day had began….