Ashaleigh and Shanae

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How We Met

Shanae and I both attended Albany State University in Albany, GA. I received my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and she received her undergraduate degree in Social Work in 2010. Shanae and I had several mutual friends and spent four years together at the same college without ever crossing paths. Fast forward to 2013, we were both in New Orleans for the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints football game. Between Bourbon Street festivities and game day tailgating we still didn’t cross paths. The last day of our trip we finally met and exchanged contact information. We have been inseparable since the first text message conversation almost four years ago.

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How They Asked

Ash: Three weeks prior to the proposal, my make-up artist, Porsche, contacted me and asked if I would do a photo shoot for her in Centennial Olympic Park. Of course I said yes because I’ve done events with her in the past. I told my then girlfriend Shanae about the shoot and she suggested we go on a lunch date before the photo shoot since my make-up would be done. I was a little hesitant because I didn’t want to mess up my clothes, my make-up, or be late. I finally gave in. Shanae also told me her boss bought her and her co-workers passes to SkyView, a ferris wheel in Atlanta, and that we would be doing that after lunch. I was excited for our two dates but I was very adamant that I did not want to be late for my photo shoot.

Ash: After our dates we walked over to the park where my photo shoot was going to be held. As we were walking I started hearing music, John Legend “All of Me” to be exact. My first thought was, “OMG, when did Centennial start playing music in the park? and that’s our favorite song!” Then I saw our son, Kingston walking and I figured he was there playing with our niece and Shanae’s sister. Never did I question why music was playing or why our son was at the park. It never was a thought that “something” was about to happen. Shanae started crying and then I started crying. She dropped to one knee and said “I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life and I love you so much.” Between tears and mumbled words she asked me to be marry her and I said yes!

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Ash: Moments after the proposal I turned around and saw our family and friends. The tears started again. The proposal was the best, overwhelming feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life.

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My forever love and I are engaged!

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Special Thanks

AC Hampton
 | Photographer
Porsche Stillman
 | Freelance Make-Up Artist