Arianne and Lisa

How We Met

We met on Bumble! I had downloaded the app for the sole purpose of going on a date that night because I was bored, and Lisa had the app but wasn’t very active on it. Lisa was one of two people I talked to that day (the first one messaged me saying “hey hows it going” and I knew that wasn’t the exciting person I wanted to go out with that night… and Lisa messaged me saying “OMG you’re GORGEOUS!” so…)

How They Asked

Earlier on in the week I’d hired my favourite photographer and we scouted out a spot for her team to hide in the bushes to secretly take photographs and video of the proposal. A few days prior to the engagement day I asked Lisa to join me on a weekend picnic in McBeth Park. We packed a lunch, left the dogs at home, and I brought along my ukulele (and the ring!) We plopped down our things and I started playing/singing one of our favourite songs. As I began to alter the words at the end to bring our story into the song, Lisa began to cry, knowing something was up. I strummed one last note before putting my uke down, pulling out a ring, and asking Lisa to marry me. We cried and hugged as Lisa said “yes, of course!” It was only a minute before Lisa said “I have something for you too…” and in my mind, as Lisa pulled out what looked like a book in wrapping paper, I was like, nothing is going to top my proposal so this might be awkward. Little did I know I was unwrapping a small marquee reading “the one where Ari and Lisa get engaged” (a beautiful friends reference to the TV show’s biggest fan — me!) and as I’m reading, Lisa pulls out a ring and asks for my hand in marriage. I scream-cried “YES!!!” Double proposal!!Now, behind the scenes, we had both confided in my sister Christi about proposing to each other that day. Christi not only called the photographer I hired to ensure they kept shooting after my proposal was done (Lisa had no idea they would be hiding in the bushes) but also contacted our ring-makers to ensure both would be ready on time. After we placed the rings on each other’s fingers, the photography/videography team popped out of the bushes (another surprise for Lisa!) and we popped champaign given to us by a neighbour who was just happy to have been able to witness our engagement from her backyard near by. Stardust took plenty of footage and pictures, and then left us to eat our tuna sandwiches in peace as a newly engaged couple.



Special Thanks

Stardust Photography
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