Ariana and Natalie

How We Met

We met on Bumble. Frankly, we both swiped right and it changed our lives. She was a Director of Leadership from Chicago in advertising and I was a YouTuber in content strategy from the Silicon Valley: we met in one of those algorithm flukes that seem to be the fascination of Bay Area Singles everywhere. It worked. Her opening line was asking if my dog was dressed as an e-wok: she was. She had dressed her dog as an Ewok a few years before. We are Star Wars Nerds and we have not missed a beat since: that sight flick of my thumb was the best decision I have ever made.

Ariana's Proposal in Lake Michigan, Chicago

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Michigan, Chicago

How They Asked

I asked my partner to marry me on June 2, 2019. I didn’t have a ring, it was not premeditated: I just knew at that moment that I never wanted to spend a day without her by my side. She said “of course” without a single hesitation and I understood that it was meant to be. I went on to buy us some athlesbian rings (12 rings for $12) and then my partner surprised me with a real rock 8 months later. She got down on one knee next to the Chicago River, it was freezing day in January, January 24th to be exact. I was cold and walking exceedingly fast when all of a sudden: she was down on one knee.

She had to repeat the question 3x, I was in shock, I blacked out. The rings were stunning and represented so much of our family’s history. We both used our grandmother’s and mother’s rings to design our own rather unique jewels but that is who we are: unique. Nothing ever seems to be conventional for us and I never want it to be. She is one in a million and I am so fortunate to get to my spend my life with her.