April and Rocky

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How We Met

On July 17th 2018 I was headed two hours late to a friends birthday party at A Bar Named Sue. Rocky had met said friend a few days prior at a cornhole tournament and after speaking briefly my friend invited her to her birthday party. After arriving at the party I was introduced to everyone including Rocky. We didn’t talk much besides Rocky pointing out the unicorn on my phone case. I thought she was absolutely stunning but I had never dated a girl and hadn’t “come out.” Later that evening my friend tried to set me up with one of her male friends at the party but I was not interested.

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He continued to try and spark conversation with me but I was entranced by Rocky and was listening to her conversation across the table. When my friend tried to get me to interact with her male friend I told her I was actually more interested in Rocky. Later I asked my friend to get her number for me but I was too scared to text her so I asked for us to all get together again.

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Rocky was a little braver and when she didn’t hear from me she asked for my number and we started talking. She told me she was looking for Vanessa to her Deadpool. In typical lesbian fashion, we were inseparable from the first date and continue to fall more in love every day.

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How They Asked

I have been going to a pole and aerial studio for 10 years. Onyx pole and aerial studio is my happy place and the people there are my family. Onyx puts on student showcase shows regularly. Rocky has been coming with me occasionally but she prefers silks while I prefer pole. On June 26th, the anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage, Onyx put on a showcase and rocky and I was performing in a group routine together, this threw me off from the proposal because it was her first performance.

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Deadpool and Vanessa have always been our “thing.” As the show was starting my friends told me to come, sit with them at the front but I was looking around the room for Rocky. The owner said, “we have a surprise, Deadpool is here!” And I watched Rocky run up on stage and one of our favorite songs started playing. Rocky performed an amazing pole routine in her Deadpool costume and then pulled me up and sat me down while she brought out a little unicorn bear with a ring pop ring box and asked me to marry her! I was in complete shock the entire time and of course, I said yes! I can’t wait to spend forever with my Deadpool!

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