April and Rocky

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How We Met

I believe was fate for Rocky and I to meet. Two days before my friends birthday Rocky and her met at a cornhole tournament and she invited rocky to her birthday party. I showed up to the birthday party at a bar two hours late. As soon as I was introduced to Rocky I was entranced. I had never dated a girl before and I was not “out” to anyone. My friend tried to set me up with one of the guys at her party but I told her I was more interested in Rocky. She was so supportive and helped get me Rocky’s number. I was too nervous to message her so I asked that we all hang out again. Rocky being more brave than me asked for my number and we started texting everyday. From the day of our date we were inseparable.

How They Asked

Rocky (being a softball collegiate athlete) always dreamt of being proposed to on a softball field. I wanted to do it a game but with COVID I had to change my plans. I had a lot of help from friends and family in putting together a scavenger hunt with stops at meaningful places for the two of us. At the field I set up tea lights in cups that spelled out “Marry me?” and her friends, family and I waited. When she got to the field (blindfolded) I took her up to bat at a Tee with a ball that I had made into a confetti ball. She hit the ball, confetti flew and when she turned around I kneeled down on one knee with a softball ring box that I had made. Her friends and family were all in the stands and we celebrated after with a vegan softball cake and champagne.

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