Anne and Kiite

Anne's Proposal in Washington, DC

How We Met

Five years ago, I walked into a child development center, looking for a job; but instead, I found my forever girl. She was sweeping up cheerios that a bunch of two year olds had just spilt all over the floor. Not the most fairytale meeting you’d think of, but just stick with me.. it gets good.

I took the job. Not for the money, but for her. I wasn’t ‘out’ yet and either was she. I would show up to work early every day just to sit with her on her lunch break. I would typically pretend that class had just ‘let out early that day’, but really, I was just finding excuses to see her. Plus, who needs an education if you got a girl – am I right? So fast forward a few months.. I convinced her to go out to eat with me and she reminded me many, many times that it was “just as friends”. So, I played it her way and stayed patient. After a few veeeeery looooong months, I tricked her into thinking I was good enough to get her heart and lucky for me, she believed me.

Anne and Kiite's Engagement in Washington, DC

How They Asked

I had an old high school friend reach out to Kiite about ‘modeling’ for an event. This make believe event consisted of different black owned vendors looking to promote their businesses. This way, Kiite would get her hair and make up done by different woman, thinking she was helping THEM market themselves when really, she would soon be on her way to get engaged to me. When she got to the ‘event’, she didn’t see a row of vendors set up, advertising. She saw me, standing at the end of a rose pedal path. After that, I blacked out, so I can’t tell you too much beyond that. All I know is that she said yes and I’m really, really happy she did.

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