Anna and Monique

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How We Met

Mon and I went to the same Crossfit gym for close to 2 years, during which time I experienced a condition one would call, ‘the
wondering eye’.

It wasn’t until the gym Christmas party that we realized we both batted for the same team (What a win!).

From that moment onwards, makeup was always worn to the gym, and I found myself lingering around after class hoping to bump into

When the Crossfit crew organized an NYE party, I was more than happy to attend (😊) which paid dividends as we shared our first Kiss.

From the 1st of Jan 2018, beach dates were in full swing! This continued all summer, where many hours were spent getting to know each other. We discovered our shared values and love of; coffee, outdoors, big trees (hence the proposal location) travel, and adventures.

Come Autumn there was no looking back. We had found our soul mate.

How They Asked

Like a scene out of The Bachelor, our proposal night was something special.

It was my 30th birthday, and Monique said she had planned a special dinner for the occasion. I was given a dress code that included no heels and a formal full-length dress. Whilst not happy with the no heels criteria, I played along.

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Upon arriving at the destination with still no idea on the plans, Monique pulled out a picnic blanket from the boot, which was cute but I was thinking I am seriously overdressed…

I was told to take a seat and then Monique disappeared into the gardens. Within a few minutes, she called me to follow her down the hill.. which is where the magic happened.

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the beautiful tree covered in fairy lights, with rose petals and candles covering the floor. There stood my favorite human beaming back at me.

Our song played as she told me the reasons why she loves me, why she wants to marry me, and then she was down on one knee.

Image 4 of Anna and Monique

After many happy tears, we had a glass of rose and watched the sunset over our City.

Then, it was off to a Seafood dinner on the half and a night at Pier One to celebrate our moment. The celebrations continued the next day with our family and friends who attended my 30th birthday party and we surprised them all with the exciting news.

The party didn’t end there, as we then spent the next week in Byron celebrating with Monique’s family.

Safe to say, we drank our body weight in Moet.

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