Angie and Kara

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How We Met

Kara and I met online. She was not looking for a relationship, but rather friendship with other people in her community. Our text messages turned into long phone calls, and our long phone calls turned into dates. With my good wits and sense of humor, I won her over. Our relationship was long distance as we lived in two different cities, but recently we moved into together and now even own a dog! We dated for a year and a half before I proposed to her and we will get married on August 17, 2018.

How They Asked

On May 6, 2017, I was made the luckiest person in the world because at Edinburgh Castle Kara agreed to marry me. She has the most beautiful heart, soul, and mind, I could have ever dreamt to have in a partner. The day after I first spoke with her I said, “I will either marry her or no one.” Thankfully, time proved me right.

She deserved a proposal as special as she is (impossible to do, but I would try). I created a wooden box for her engagement ring by hand and… started my scheming. We recently went on a trip to Paris, Dublin, Galway, and Edinburgh. I told her that I wanted to take pictures of her in the varied beautiful landscapes so it would look like I was following as she led the way. What she didn’t know was that I included the ring box I made in each picture because every step I have taken has led me closer to her. The diamond in her ring belonged to her grandmother who grew up in Scotland. After finishing afternoon tea in the castle, we found a ledge with just the two of us and I showed her the pictures of making the box and the progression throughout Europe. With many tears of joy from us both, she said, “Yes”!

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