Angelica and Adam

Proposal Ideas Sierra Vista, AZ

How We Met

We met on Tinder. Crazy right!! I was two hours late to our first date, but he waited and was still happy to see me. The next day he came to my house to help me set up for a dinner party and stayed for the whole event and even helped me clean up! He met my parents on the second day of knowing me. I knew he was the one because he got my Grandfather to open up about his childhood.

How They Asked

On the evening of February 5th, (literally a month into dating) I invited Adam to my house for dinner. When I drove up I told him there was a package for him in the kitchen. With unbounded enthusiasm, he leaped from the car and ran into the kitchen. I slowly and quietly entered the kitchen where Adam had torn threw the package. He was filled with glee for inside was his favorite candy in his favorite colors! He turned around to thank me and I was on one knee with a wrapped gift.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sierra Vista, AZ

Adam reached for the candy and read the M&Ms out loud. With each special question, his whole face began to smile. The M&Ms said “take my heart?; forever together?; and marry me?” On the last question, he looked me in my eyes and replied yes. I stood up and kissed my future husband! Inside the gift was a black leather band and rose gold watch…his engagement ring! We left shortly after that to spend our weekend in Bisbee to celebrate our engagement.

Special Thanks

Nilda Cruz
 | She helped me pick out the M&M colors. And was totally supportive of the entire thing.