Angelia and Stephanie

how they asked

Stephanie had no idea I was planning this for about a month prior. She thought we were going to a food truck festival One Friday evening. While passing this cute little footbridge in town, I pulled over wanting to take a photo. After a few minutes, she was ready to go, but I coincidentally ran into a photographer who captured the moment I pulled the ring out and proposed.

How They Asked

Two weeks later, I came home from work on a Friday with no plans but to relax. Stephanie had plans to go out with her friends that night, so I presumed she was getting ready to go out. My neighbor texted me asking me to come down to pick something up. Out walks Stephanie, returning the proposal and asking me to be her fiancée back!

Special Thanks

Liam Meagher
 | Photographer
Alicia Coyle
 | Planning