Angela and Victoria

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Florence, Italy

How We Met

We met back in nursing school, we were in one of the same classes and clinical and became friends first helping each other get through nursing school. But we were so drawn to each other that one random night out sparks flied and that was the end or should I say beginning of our story.

How They Asked

We were on a family trip to Italy, with my family non the less. Our hotel in Florence had a stunning outside terrace that overlooked the duomo and the view was breathtaking. One day while we were there my family said that we were all going to go out for a nice dinner that night. So when the evening came we all went to get ready. (At the time I didn’t know this but my entire family knew for months that she was going to propose to me). So before dinner that night we went to the terrace at the hotel we were staying at and she had reserved a special part of the terrace that was secluded and very romantic. So while we were up there looking at the breathtaking view I could tell she was nervous, but she reminded me of how important I was to her and how perfect we are together. Both tearing up with joy she pulled out the ring of my dreams and asked the one question I have waited to hear my entire life. It was beyond magical moment for me. What made it even more perfect was that my cousins hotel room was right across the terrace and after she has proposed she told me to turn around and there was my family across the way, waving in excitement. It was better than I could have ever invisioned it. We were able to celebrate the first week of being an engaged couple in beautiful Italy. And from here on out Florence will always have a special place in both of our hearts.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Florence, Italy