Angela and Courtney

How We Met

Courtney and I met many years ago through a mutual friend. The first night we went out together was a riot but at the time she was in a relationship and I lived 4 hours away. Fast forward about 3-4 years I moved to Wyandotte which is where Courtney lives and she super liked me on tinder. I screenshot the super like and Facebook messaged the picture of it and called her out on it. From there we went on a date and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Courtney proposed to me at my favorite spot in the entire world, Campus Martius park, at the Christmas tree. It was totally unexpected. The downtown was loaded with people because it was the quicken loans holiday party. It took us about an hour to find parking and I kept telling her we should just forget it and get out of the city. Normally she would agree so I couldn’t understand why she was so persistent to go to the tree. Especially when we go down to the tree all the time! Once we finally found parking we were walking to the tree and we were just standing in front of it. I was thinking to my self what is going on here why are we just standing here.

Little did I know she hired a photographer to capture the moment but because there were so many people she couldn’t find her. Finally the two of them locked eyes and the photographer had to jump over a trash can to get to us and then I totally knew it was happening. My heart was racing and it felt like all of a sudden the world stopped and it was just her and I. She quickly said “I love you so much and I want to end 2018 on a good note will you marry me” then got down on one knee and opened the ring box. I then burst into tears and was jumping up and down and couldn’t even get

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Campus Martius park Detroit Michigan

words to come out of my mouth because I was so excited. After the proposal, she took me to a very romantic dinner in the apparatus room and then finished the night with a hotel stay at a Greek town casino. The night was magic!

Special Thanks

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