Amy and Michele

How We Met

When I was purchasing my first home, the realtor that I found was so funny and patient with me during the process. I was open about being gay and single at the time and he had told me I reminded him of someone but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Fast forward to my closing date (10/24/16) where he presented me with a beautiful pallet sign, with the Joanna Gains saying “It’s a good day for a good day”. I instantly loved it and thanked him, asking for the artist’s info to thank them as well. He smiled and gave me her name, explaining that the artist was like a little sister to him, that she “played for my team” and was also single.

Amy's Proposal in Buffalo Botanical Gardens

That night I looked her up on Facebook and I was blown away. Blonde hair, blue eyes, great smile, artistic, a teacher, and was a D1 athlete. I had to meet her, but first I had to introduce myself. I sent her a message that night thanking her for the pallet and told her how much I loved her design. She wrote back and we chatted a little. I learned she currently lived in Buffalo, NY but that’s she grew up about 15 minutes from my family’s home and visited during the summer and most holidays.

For months we chatted back and forth. I was eager to meet, I felt that there was something very different about her. Little did I know that she was talking about me with her friends in Buffalo. They were encouraging her to take a leap and meet me as well (thanks guys!).

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Buffalo Botanical Gardens

April 2017 -after several missed opportunities to meet up I simply asked if she would like to come over to my house, drink wine, and talk. I know, I know, such a romantic first date. But when I saw her and she smiled, I melted. She brought over her father’s homemade wine for me to try (it’s ridiculously good) and we sat on the sofa for a few hours and talked. Before she left for the night, she kissed me and again, I melted. There was something about her.

Amy and Michele's Engagement in Buffalo Botanical Gardens

After that “first date” she asked me for a second one… this time I was invited to her parent’s house (where she stayed while she was visiting) and asked if I would join them for Easter dinner. I know, I know, not a typical second date. I made chocolate covered strawberries and braced myself to meet the family. That second date went beautifully (her family is awesome) and we agreed that I would drive up to Buffalo to visit with her for a weekend soon.

Proposal Ideas Buffalo Botanical Gardens

After meeting her friends and a brunch with bottomless mimosas, we wandered through Buffalo shops and I asked her to be my girlfriend. (Cue the U-Hauls! Just kidding)

Sometime between April and summer, Michele has gone out with friends and had an amazing time. She had FaceTimed me, slightly intoxicated, singing Whitney Huston songs with her friends. That was a wrap, I was in love.

Where to Propose in Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Michele has wanted to move back home to New Jersey the summer prior but her certifications wouldn’t go through in time. She had been trying again, submitting her application to schools in the area. She reviewed multiple calls back for interviews and would drive the 6-7 hours to make every interview or call back. She landed her dream school and some of her family came up to pack our girl up and bring her home.

That first year home she lived with her parents and we spent time together whenever possible. We love traveling and went on several trips to visit different states. We enjoy trying local wineries and have rescued several animals since being together.

How They Asked

Trips to Buffalo happen several times a year and we excitedly await each one. We love spending time with her friends in the city, seeing the sites, and attending Pride!

This year we planned to visit for Pride weekend. We got in late Thursday night and spent Friday morning at her favorite breakfast spot and hiked the Niagara Gorge. I remember checking in with her during the hike “Is there anything you need from me or anything I can do to make you happier?” She replied no, that she was in love with our life. I agreed. That evening we went for a fancy dinner at Buffalo Chop House with friends. It was the perfect day.

Saturday morning Michele and I went to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens for the first time. It was beautiful, Michele knows I’m a sucker for flowers and gardens. As we walked outside along the gardens Michele took my hand and asked me the same question I had asked her. “Is there anything you need from me or anything I can do to make you happier?” I replied no and quickly laughed and said: “you could marry me”. She said she wanted to marry me and that it would happen someday. As we were walking I noticed a white bakery box. Side note-I’m exceptionally good at spotting these and have a weakness for donuts.

I pointed and mentioned that someone left their donuts. She asked how I knew what was in there and who’s they could be. Michele told me she was going to open the box to see if they were donuts. I told her not to touch the box, it wasn’t ours and probably belonged to the people walking ahead of us in the garden. Michele continued to walk over bad she picked up the box. She opened it and then she dropped her knee, spinning the box to show me a giant donut with the words “Marry Me” written on it. I ugly cried and said “OMG” a bunch and said yes!

Through the tears, I asked who helped her and she laughed and pointed telling me to turn around. Two friends, we’re laughing and tearing up, taking our photos. Then another friend called out for us to turn around and we laughed and lost it. I FaceTimed my mom and best friend, still crying and showing them the ring. Our friends helped us eat the donut and we went out for tacos afterward. Michele had planned a boat ride with friends that evening and it was beautiful.