How She Asked: Amy and Gemma's Dessert Plate Proposal

Image 1 of Amy and Gemma

How We Met

I first set eyes on Amy at a CrossFit competition where I was selling t-shirts. I had no idea she was gay let alone single so I didn’t speak to her. Later that day when packing up to leave, I thought to myself, phwaor!….there she goes…and never thought I would see her again.

A week or so later, I was having a little window shop on Tinder (in order to find my future wife of course), when I came across Amy’s profile and almost fell off the bed realising it was her. I instantly swiped right and waited impatiently for days. Luck would have it, she too swiped right which led to swapping digits and arranging a date a week later!

Amy and I met half way between where I was based (I’m in the Forces) and where she lived in Bristol; at a lovely, country pub on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. Days and weeks passed where we were inseparable and I knew for sure I had fallen hard, and she was the one.

how they asked

I knew I wanted to ask Amy to marry me after a matter of months together. That saying of ‘you know when you know’ was more true than ever. I bought the ring in May 2015 with intentions of asking her to marry me when we moved into our new house in the August. Some say I was mad getting it so early, and with it burning a hole in my pocket, but I knew I wanted to wait for the right time. Time dragged by, yet I was excited at asking her parents for their blessing; which was something traditional that I wanted to stick with.

Myself, Amy, and her parents attended a friends charity party one evening in late September. I saw this as my only opportunity to ask them as every other time we saw Amys parents was when she was there! I had some dutch courage, and with a window of about 3 minutes, jumped when Amy went to the restrooms. I blurted out that I had to tell them something, and that I wanted to ask Amy to marry me! They were over the moon, so much so, that Amys mum got a bit teary (Amy was inbound imminently at this point) and I thought ‘’ah god, my cover is blown – TRISH GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER!’. Needless to say, everything was fine, and Amy hadn’t suspected a thing. With the seed planted, the proposal was the next step…!

I hadn’t thought how I wanted to do it, but something on Pintrest caught my attention when snooping for inspiration. A plate! Get it written on a plate…the way to a girls heart; or more so, Amy’s heart, is with food…CAKE! With my busy schedule, and spending most of, if not all of my spare time with Amy, I had no idea how to get this plate. No one sold it online so I came up with the idea to get it made up in a ‘DIY Pottery Café’. I was unable to make the plate myself, so sent the shop owner an email explaining my intentions. She loved the idea and jumped at the opportunity to help. After a few design changes, we decided on our final masterpiece – a simple ‘ikea style’ plate (to match the ones in our cupboards) with the question ‘Will You Marry Me?’ hand painted onto the centre of the plate. It was perfect. I couldn’t wait for this moment!

With the plate and the ring burning a hole in my pocket (secretly hidden in the boot of my car) I had to choose the right day to propose. My original plan was to do it the evening we had moved into our new home – eating take away on a cardboard box, drinking bubbles out of picnic glasses…however this plan was foiled when my younger brother beat me to it and asked his girlfriend to marry him! I was gutted…and thus had to wait a little bit for the excitement of his engagement to pass before I did mine. Regardless, this unscheduled delay worked in my favour and I opted for a weekend in November where Amy and I had a long weekend off together. I booked a beautiful cottage in Wales that we could have our dog, Seal, with us and just enjoy the peace and quiet; with good food, wine and even better company.

My next dilemma was how on earth do I smuggle the plate into the drawers of this self-catering cottage without her noticing. That…and the ring! How do I hide the ring, and where?I had to think on my feet and act quickly. On our third night in the cottage, I insisted on cooking dinner; including dessert. (I was unable to get cake so had to grab the next best thing which was apple crumble…why!? I knew she would eat it – but off a plate you ask?! Just roll with it…she did!)

Amy disappeared to the bathroom to take her contacts out and I knew this was it. This was my chance…go, go, go! I dashed to the cupboard the plate was hidden in and put it on the side alongside a blank plate I had taken with me from home. I dished up the dessert on the plates; my heart beating a million miles an hour. I knew I had given her the right plate…and waited. I inhaled my dessert whilst she nibbled at hers which was painful to watch…! FINALLY, she noticed something on her plate under the crumble, and moved the rest of the dessert to reveal the message. She was confused at first but realised what was going on when I got on one knee holding the ring (which I had shoved in my bra as I had no pockets!). I said ‘I suppose I should ask you properly!’ and she said yes, of course!!!
Image 2 of Amy and Gemma