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How They Asked

A surprise trip to our old stomping ground Queenstown, New Zealand. Two days before we left I said “have you packed yet?” and instantly she thought she hadn’t unpacked the groceries or something she was in trouble for. I let her worry for a good minute before giving her the tickets to QT that was leaving in two days and we were over there for our 4 year anniversary. She started crying, I even booked time off her work and sorted out her visa all in secret, but this was just the start.

My first worry was what if I get stopped to get my bag checked at the airport and the officer pulls out the engagement ring! So I wrapped it up and wrote on the top “Happy anniversary Monkey, open me at 3pm”. Just in case she wanted to open it in the morning! Double prepared.

We arrived and I knew I wanted to do this trip in style so hired out an RV which we usually have tiny little campers so this was luxury. We headed straight up to Mount Cook and did 2 of our favourite hikes in one day. It was just as beautiful as we remembered.

We headed back to QT and I told her I had arranged the whole day for our anniversary and then gave her a “clue” which was obviously made up but I said that one of the reasons I booked the ticket to NZ was because I got offered a professional photo shoot doing an activity.. didn’t let on anything about the activity and really the photographer was one of my friends I’ve met over Instagram and kept in contact for a couple of years.

The next day we pulled up to Heliworks and she started grabbing my arm and told me to stop pulling her leg but it was no joke. We walked in and all the crew were in on it and went along with my story.. they should quit their day job and become actors because by the end of it I was even believing it! “We have a promotional photographer on board today to take some marketing photos for us, we hope this is okay?” Mellisa (the photographer) arrived and it was such a relief to see her as i was so nervous and it was also closer to it all becoming real.

Our pilot came out and gave us the down low and we were ready to head aboard! The flight was like nothing else, we were in awe the whole time and surround by bluest lakes, The Remarkable mountain and Queenstown. Our smiles were ear to ear and hearts pounding out our chest.

We landed on the tiny ledge of Cecil Peak and Rosy was so nervous for a photo shoot she started asking Melissa what to do in the photos, she kept saying to me “what if we’re not good enough for the photos” which 1. Is crazy have you seen my partner and 2. It’s all fake so don’t worry haha.

We walked up to the side of the cliff and I knew it was the moment, I said to Rose “ignore everything around you and listen to me” in that moment she knew for the first time that this was the moment she was getting proposed to. I told my prepared speech very nervously and didn’t manage to get it all out but I did manage to get down on one knee and asked her to Marry me? She said yes of course.

Me and my fiancé for the next 30 minutes floated around the top of that peak just like the bubbles danced around in our champagne. I was the happiest person alive and I could see she was too.

I couldn’t have imagined the proposal with any other photographer she captured the moment perfectly and I’m so happy Melissa got to share the best moment of our lives with us.

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Special Thanks

Mellisa Clarke
 | Photographer