Amber and Jalessa

how we met

We first met when we were younger singing on our county-wide community choir. As adults, we met again when I attended a youth event Amber was having through her non-profit, Operation Impact.

Our first date was to a panel discussion on Race Relations! Literally two days after we started talking via Facebook, Amber asked me to attend this discussion in Greenville, SC.

how they asked

I bought the ring in May 2017 which was technically only 4 months after we were officially exclusive. I knew I would get some raised eyebrows so I told my family that even though I bought the ring, I wasn’t going to propose until the end of November which would be a year of being exclusive. I knew I couldn’t hold out and I knew I didn’t want to.

So, I planned the proposal during my birthday weekend (July 2018) when her focus would be on me and she believed my focus on me as well. I planned a “birthday” photo session for me which really was a surprise proposal session. The proposal was at Botanical Gardens in Clemson and a few of our closest family members were there to witness.

Special Thanks

Images by Amber Robinson
 | Photography
Kate Lynn Imagery
 | Second Shooter