Amanda and Lindsey

Amanda's Proposal in Maui, HI

How We Met

Our love story begins, much like most romantic tales. I met Lindsey the good ol’ fashioned way…I slid into her DM’s on June 2017. About a year before this, my friend and I went to an Adele concert and she showed me a picture of Lindsey. Immediately I thought, “who is this girl?” So as any reasonable person would do, I stalked her Instagram. Hard. About a year went by, I was dating someone, but Lindsey was always in the back of my mind. During this time, one day, out of nowhere, Lindsey started following me on Instagram. And like most tales, this is a sure sign that the other person acknowledges you. Eventually the relationship I was in ended, and I couldn’t get Lindsey off my mind. My friend and I were texting one day and she said to me “you’re going to meet someone and chase the light with them”. I immediately paused, freaked out and realized something. I went to Lindsey’s Instagram page and at the top, it said: “@lindseymann – chasing the light”. I knew right then and there, the universe had a plan for us. A few weeks later I couldn’t handle it anymore, I decided to message her, “I feel like I should say hi. So, hiiii! We know enough mutual friends so it’s not creepy right?” And that began our story. We texted for days until our thumbs were sore. Instantly I felt like I was talking to someone I’d known for years. I invited her over to my house for a wine night with my best friends the following Friday. As I walked outside to meet her for the 1st time as she parked her car, we locked eyes and my stomach filled with butterflies. We had the most incredible night, drinking wine, dancing in my tiny studio apartment, and sharing stories. As the night ended, I walked her to her car, we stood staring at each other and kissed. It was magic. I came back inside and told my best friend, “I’m going to marry her.”

How They Asked

I knew immediately I wanted to marry Lindsey. And I knew I wanted to propose with a video of our family and friends singing and dancing. Lindsey even joked one day “you’ll probably do some big production with a crew and everything.” Well, she wasn’t too far off. One of our favorite TV shows is Schitt’s Creek and we fell in love with the song, “The Best”, that Patrick sings to David. It’s a classic song originally sung by Tina Turner. That song quickly became our road trip song, our dance in the living room song, and I knew that was going to be the song I proposed to her with. I began planning around 3 months before. I knew this would be a process and involve everyone being together at one time for certain shots. We picked a weekend and everyone came together from all over.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maui, HI

The hardest part was lying to Lindsey and keeping EVERYTHING from her. She couldn’t know that her sister was in town or my mom or our best friends were here. It was pretty amazing to see everyone from both of our worlds, come together and watch them interact, laugh, and share stories. The plan was to make this video and show it to her on our 2-year anniversary, June 9, 2019. After the proposal, I wanted to surprise her with all of our family and friends for a small party. But, that didn’t go as planned. Simply, I couldn’t wait any longer. The video was done in May and we were flying to Maui with my family.

What a better place than Maui. I felt it seemed a little cliche, but once I was there, it made complete sense. I snuck the ring in my backpack and took my laptop with me so I’d have something to show her the video on. I thought she was going to think something was strange when I carried my damn backpack everywhere we went! As an adventurous couple, I thought I’d do it on our sunrise hike on top of Haleakala Summit or as we are hiking through Iao Valley State Park by the river or maybe I could do it at sunset in Lahania. But none of those options worked out. I felt rushed and stressed trying to make the moment perfect.

Until our last morning in Maui, I went to get us coffee down in the hotel lobby, and realized, “this is the perfect moment.” We just woke up, had salty beach hair, no makeup, just us being us. I came back up to the room, with 2 coffee’s in hand and set up my iPhone while she was in the bathroom. “I have something I want to show you,” I told her. “Come sit on the bed.” She looked confused, which was perfect. I opened my laptop and began playing the video. It was such an incredible moment to be sitting next to her, watching her see all of our people, come together, out of love, to make this moment happen. We decided to celebrate our engagement with our family and friends at Malibu Farm in Malibu, CA on our 2-year anniversary. Our friend Megan took some amazing photos on our way to dinner and really captured our love. Lindsey, you are simply the best, better than all the rest.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Alex Manning
 | Videographer
Travis Howard
 | Videographer
Megan Cody
 | Photographer