Amanda and Amanda

How We Met

First, let’s get the giggles out of the way–yes, we are both Amanda. I am Amanda B. and my sweet girl is Amanda Lyn, and that’s how our families distinguish us. Our friends however like to spice things up. I am referred to as “Barb” or “Barbs” (my middle name is Barbara if you haven’t gathered that by now) by ALL her friends. My friends however just refer to her as “Number Two”…we haven’t decided which is worse.

Amanda Lyn and I met through a mutual friend. Now, its sort of hard to explain without rambling, but ill give it a try. My mother and her childhood friend meet up once a month for dinner. This night they went to a restaurant where her daughter Katelyn worked as a waitress, alongside her best friend. You guessed it, Amanda Lyn was the best friend! SO, Amanda and Katelyn were chatting with the moms and somehow it comes out that Amanda has recently come out as gay. My proud mother boldly states “Oh great! You are totally my daughters type; you should find her on Facebook!” She then proceeded to FaceTime me so we could casually meet. Yikes. Side note, Amanda was currently residing in our home state of New Jersey, but I was pursuing my masters degree in Washington State.

After the FaceTime, she sadly told my mom she was currently in a relationship, but decided to reach out to me anyway because she was working on her MSW degree and knew I was also in the process of finishing my counseling degree. That’s what she tells me at least. I tease her that it was just her cover-up to have an excuse to message me. She messaged me in February of 2017 and we talked all day every day for a couple months. I eventually started dodging her messages because I was starting to like her and she was still in a relationship. I knew the relationship wasn’t doing well, but I still didn’t want to get involved in anything messy. I liked and respected her loyalty to her relationship regardless of how it was doing. I waited it out and they eventually broke up within the next month. She messaged me shortly after and really, the rest is history! We texted, called, FaceTimed and I made a few visits to NJ over the next year, while I finished up my classes and I moved back to NJ in 2018.

How They Asked

I booked a weekend getaway to Portland, Maine for Valentine’s treat! Amanda Lyn was sly and took this as the perfect opportunity to propose. Unbeknownst to me, all my friends and family knew this was happening! I hadn’t a clue that she would be proposing, as I was the one who booked the trip. She found an amazing photographer to meet her at a beautiful park and they set up the moment perfectly. Let it be known, I am a bit ditzy and it’s not to hard to get things past me. As we are walking through the snow, Amanda Lyn asks to take a photo by the jetty in the water. I say sure and quickly start complaining asking how far we are walking because I was cold. Whoops! As we get closer to the water, a woman already there taking photos, says “Would you like me to take your photo, I’m actually a professional photographer.” Apparently most people realize at this point what’s happening, but not me! I muttered under my breath that it was weird she was offering to take our photo as we would never see it from her camera.

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Amanda Lyn reassured me it would be great. We took the photo and then she stepped back and threw her things to the side. I won’t lie, I was still a little confused at this point, but I was just going with it at this point. She then grabbed my hands and truth be told I blacked out most of what she said but I know there was a lot of I love yous, compliments and her stating that she wanted to spend forever with me. Obviously, I said yes!

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Besides the gorgeous view of my future bride, the setting was breathtaking and the surprise didn’t end there! We then proceeded to walk around the city of Portland, while our amazingly kind and talented photographer took our photos. It was an absolute blast. Guys, my girl is a romantic..and a partier. We spent our last night enjoying our new engagement and ventured home the next day. Once home, our families wanted to take us to dinner (or so I thought). We got there and our families and friends were ALL waiting to celebrate with us! There were about 75 people there to celebrate our love, and I have never felt more blessed and lucky.

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Special Thanks

Jamie Lee
 | Photographer