Allison and Sam

How We Met

It was March of 2013. I just finished my Saturday shift at the Mark Twain House and Museum. It was winter and far too cold; too cold to spend a night out, I thought. All I could think of were excuses to get out of our after work hang.

Peer pressure won the day though. We all ended up out and drinking at our local watering hole, a dive bar called The Spigot. Sam was introduced to me over a pitcher of warm beer; wood paneling in the background. We hit it off. We continued our evening talking each other’s ears off in my car until 3 am. We were parked illegally, but we didn’t care.

We ended up together again at The Spigot the next night.

How they asked

Allison and I often talked about our future together: engagement, marriage, kids. We both knew it would happen, but we wanted to wait until our lives “settled”. We grew as a couple over the years and our relationship saw career changes, home ownership, and parenting (of puppies). So in August of 2017—things finally “settled” enough for me to make my move. I knew that Allison didn’t want a traditional engagement ring–it just isn’t her thing. The only jewelry she will wear are her watches, so, it would only be fitting that I propose with an engagement watch.

After searching tirelessly, I found the perfect watch for her—a “Le Petit Prince” edition pilot’s watch—sentimental for her love of French literature and handcrafted Swiss movements.

Honestly, I had no clue when or how I was going to propose. I just knew that once I had it, it wouldn’t be long before I popped the question. The day that it arrived in the mail, we had already planned to meet up with friends at a baseball game to kick off my birthday weekend.

Spending time with our close friends and enjoying the brilliant summer weather together was a lovely way to celebrate. After the game, we decided to sit outside on our patio with our pups, listen to music, and have a nightcap. Everything just seemed right. The music, the atmosphere, the privacy and comfort of our home. I went inside and asked Allison if I could grab her another cocktail. Instead, I placed the watch box on the table in front of her and opened it. She said, “Does this mean you want to marry me?” and I said—“Yes”. We looked at each other and she then, of course said, “Yes.”

Special Thanks

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