Allison and Alex

Where to Propose in The Ohio State University/Holiday Party

How We Met

Alex and I met fifteen years ago when my brother transferred to a new primary school. My brother became the best of friends with my now husband and his younger brother. The three were inseparable in school and our younger brothers roomed together all four years of college. Although we knew each other for a long time, Alex and I did not start dating until 2016 after a summer when we saw eleven movies alone “just as friends” and spent nearly every day in each other’s company. I asked Alex out two days before he moved to North Carolina for a new job, and I stayed in Cincinnati for graduate school. We spent our first year together long-distance, visiting on holidays/weekends and talking over skype in the evenings.

Allison's Proposal in The Ohio State University/Holiday Party

How They Asked

In November 2017, I asked Alex’s parents for their blessing to ask Alex to marry me during a family visit to PA for Thanksgiving. They were ecstatic. Little did I know that Alex was planning to ask my parents in just a few weeks for their blessing. We agreed earlier in our relationship that if we got engaged, we both wanted to ask one another in a show of the love and equality in our relationship. I took Alex to my alma mater, THE Ohio State University and we went to the sweetheart spot on the Oval where I proposed to him with cufflinks that were engraved with my handwriting. A month later, he proposed to me at our annual Lord of the Rings marathon with “The One Ring to Rule Them All.”