Allessandra and Kristi

How We Met

Kristi and I met when I was eleven and she was twelve in seventh grade. The funny part about it was we didn’t really like each other because we were “dating” the same guy. And this was junior high dating so one week he was with her then the next he was with me. I don’t think either of us even held hands with him. As much as I wanted to not like her, I always thought she was gorgeous. I noticed on October 26, 2007, that she got a haircut so I decided to make the first move and tell her I liked her hair. We started talking after that and became best friends. We knew we liked each other as “more than friends” but it just didn’t work out because we both didn’t want to tell anyone. Once we got into high school we had a falling out but then rekindled at the end of our senior year. A few days after graduation, she asked me out at Disneyland. She brought me to Snow White’s wishing well and asked me what I wished for. I was too embarrassed to say anything so she said, “you know what I wish for? For you to be my girlfriend.” And now six and a half years later, here we are!

How They Asked

The plan was to be surrounded by thousands of lanterns through the sky like in “Tangled” and Kristi was going to get down on one knee then. But twenty minutes before the release, they canceled it due to a storm. The winds were strong. Dirt and lanterns were flying everywhere. There was lightning off in the distance surrounding us. And everyone was running to their cars. It almost seemed like it was the apocalypse happening! Some people stayed and tried to light at least one, so our group decided to do just that. As we were trying to light it she got down on one knee behind me, tapped me on my hip and I broke into instant tears and I haven’t stopped since. I don’t even think I said yes. I kept saying, “what?! Is this for real? Are you serious?”

She then asked if it was a yes and then I just nodded because I was sobbing too much. We came back to our house that we rented and our parents and family were there with a whole party set up for us. They flew to Vegas just for this. It was a year in the making! It wasn’t exactly what she wanted to do but it was still perfect. And makes such a great story!