Alizee and Stephanie

how we met

We met in high school, in grade 11 briefly as Alizée was new to that school. In grade 12 being in the same math class is when a friendship actually developed.

how they asked

We had two proposals ! The first was Stephanie’s for Alizée. She planned to propose out of competition, in order to be the first one to do it after hearing of Alizée planning hers. She built a whole fair setup, with games, fair foods (candy apple, popcorn, cotton candy), and had her friends be the carnival workers and run the games. We had monopoly money and played the games and won toys until it was too cold to continue. We went to exchange the small toys for a big teddy bear and Alizée was given the option of that giant plushie or a ring… Stephanie went down on one knee and said all the cutest things, and got a “Yes!”. It needs to be noted that Alizée was clueless the whole time, and was actually surprised – she is special. The second proposal was Alizée and had been planned for months, and only happened two weeks after Stephanie’s, totally by accident. Stephanie was lured to the airport for a ‘work trip’ to Calgary Alizée was having and where Stephanie would join just for the weekend. Little did she know it would actually be a 4 days adventures to Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise and Edmonton (where Stephanie’s family lives). Alizée actually contacted Stephanie’s work manager to get her the Monday/Tuesday off work without her knowing! We landed in Calgary as planned, and checked in. Alizée pretended to work that night and early Saturday morning until it was time to drive to Banff as a surprise for the actual proposal. Since there was a big snowstorm the day before, the place was changed to Vermillion Lake, which was actually the most beautiful place. We walked around for a while until finally Alizée proposed on the dock. Stephanie said yes, and we went on with the trip, exploring beautiful Alberta as newly engaged !

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