Alison and Ashlyn

HOw We Met

Lover of rap music and embracer of all things southern meets Type A triathlete from the West (best) Coast. Meeting in 2015, in the heat of Southern summer was all we needed to finally understand what our parents had been sharing all along- “you just know when you know”.

How They Asked

The setting – Portugal.

We planned a trip to Portugal in March 2017. Our first international trip together. The morning started leisurely with coffee and pastries and a stroll around the city, followed by a long run along the water.

I knew we had dinner plans and that we were taking a ferry to get across to another island. What I didn’t know was that the timing was extremely important. I was in no rush, she was anxious. We actually missed the ferry she had been planning. In my mind, it was ok because the next one came in 15 minutes.

What I didn’t know is that she had been communicating with a photographer from Portugal to meet us on the island to capture the proposal at sunset, so timing was crucial.

She planned the entire moment out to perfection. She knows how much I love street art so the island she took us too is an abandoned city with walls full of street art and one tiny restaurant at the tip with a view of Lisbon across the water.

She took me out to a dock, took out a book that we have of our daily notes to each other, and added her proposal to the back page. She got down on one knee and pulled out an engagement ring that was in the box of my grandmothers wedding ring.

Special Thanks