Alexis and Summer

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How We Met

Like most coming of age stories- online dating is real and it WORKS! Summer and I met on Tinder. Like it goes, she was actually really into me at first and I was really into playing hard to get ;) Summer, bless her heart was very nervous and was trying anything and everything to make a good first impression. She even asked me in our initial tinder messages: “so what should I do next? Ask for your number? Or keep it casual and get your Snapchat?” Her awkwardness and sensitive heart are what kept me coming back. Not to mention, she was beautiful 😍

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I was still in college at the time and her in grad school and about 2 weeks after we were meeting I was flying across the country for the summer for a college internship. So, of course, we were both convinced it would “never” work, a whole summer without eachother!? No thanks, time to move on. Nope, life had other plans. 106 days of FaceTimes, letters, and care packages and I was absolutely obsessed with this girl. I went from playing hard to get to never wanting to go a single day without her. And I didn’t, I came back at the end of the summer and the rest is history :) 4 years later and now we are engaged!

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How They Asked

Lex here- After 4 amazing years together, I didn’t think I could fall harder until the day she chose me- FOREVER! The sum spent 2+ months planning my dream proposal and I was oblivious the ENTIRE time! Even down to moments before. I still had no clue! She had one of my best friends here for the weekend actually celebrating her upcoming wedding and we spent the whole day getting lunch, doing nails, and just hanging out. Summer was MIA the whole day and for some reason, I never guessed that was weird.. never happens!

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She had a special date night planned after my friend left for the weekend (so I thought) I rushed to get ready, didn’t even wash my hair (smh), and put on an old sweater I had worn 100+ times (also VERY unlike me!) We were rushing out the door to our imaginary dinner reservations when we get downtown and sum leads me down this romantic alleyway I had never seen before. Still oblivious, I see candles and rose petals everywhere and then notice our “song” is playing. Still clueless. As soon as I see pictures of us hanging on the wall it *starts* to hit me.

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Summer hands me a letter (that’s kind of our thing) and then gets down on one knee. From there on I was speechless and crying! Then my very best friend from ALASKA and sum’s best friend pop out! One of our favorite people in the world is photographing the whole thing too. Once I finally realize what’s happening, I realize we are at the exact spot she gave me a promise ring 3 years prior. *cries again*

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Then after all of that, the surprises keep coming when she takes me to our friend’s house where an engagement party is waiting for us! 20+ of our favorite people drove from all over to be here for us and I never knew. It truly the best day of my life- well, until February 2022 when I get to call her my WIFE! love is real and she is proof that it will always win❤️

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Special Thanks

Erin Hendricks
 | Photographer